Quad bike Jumbo

Quad bike JumboThey chose a good place for the test: there are forest paths, fields, rich natural and artificial relief, a sand pit and even a swamp. In fact, here are all habitual conditions for the All Terrain Vehicle.


First of all, I saddled a short-skimmed Jumbo, which even outwardly is perceived only as an incendiary fan-kvadr.

And I was not mistaken in expectations.


The highlight of the machine is a single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. More precisely, its characteristics. Not the easiest quadric very responsive to the touch of the gas trigger. Speed, close to maximum, could not be achieved due to the features of the relief, but at 60-70 km / h there is a good reserve. However, physics cannot be deceived and you can’t remove from 675 “cubes” of nearly 50 “horses” without damage to the lower classes. And the lack of traction is noticeable below. But, importantly, in conditions close to the trophy, this does not create problems.


The transmission shifts smoothly, a minimum of effort is required - a rare occurrence on technology in this price range. But here are two non-standard solutions. The first is the presence of the "P" mode (parking), when the transmission is mechanically locked (like a car with automatic transmission). The second is the location of the selector lever on the right wing.This required accustoming, but did not cause any special inconvenience.


Short Jumbo is controlled distinctly, reacting equally well to both the impact of the wheel and the kick with gas. What surprised me most was the fact that the lack of an electric power steering in normal modes did not bother at all - the successful weight distribution of the device is affecting. Increased efforts have to be applied only when the steering wheel is rotated in place (and why?) And in the “shit”. But even these efforts remain within reason.


Driving comfortably. A wide engine-variator unit is the norm for large vehicles, so beginners will either have to get used to such a fit or choose a machine with a motor more modest. Initially, the rudimentary steps for the passenger, which were disturbed, turned out to be very convenient stops for storming really steep climbs. But, of course, climbing uphill on a short-base quadric is less comfortable than on its long counterpart.


Lazily jumping up and down several times on improvised springboards, I remained unconvinced: in principle, the utilitarian quadric can fly, but it doesn’t need it. "Tables" and "discontinuous" on the almost 350-pound "junk" easier and safer to drive around.


The short base “seven hundredth” is a real ego-quadr, the passenger is superfluous here. "Ballast" not only purely psychologically restricts (after all, the presence of the second number makes you go calmer), but also has a negative effect on the handling of the car. He impudently sits over the rear axle (and even a little behind it), and due to the unloaded muzzle, the quadric's reaction to the turn of the steering wheel becomes heavily damped. Yes, and passenger shoes, resting on the driver's legs, quickly begin to cause discomfort. No, the second number is definitely not needed here. Although a ride - always welcome!


But the long-basic Jumbo Max, for all its similarity with the short, is not just tolerant to the passenger, but assumes his very comfortable accommodation. A spacious seat, a comfortable back, snug handles - all this allows the passenger to relax, and the driver even with a backpack behind him to forget about the presence of the second number. And another positive thing - with the identity of the suspensions, the somewhat heavier Jumbo Max absorbs the bumps with the imperturbability of the American full-size truck.


By handling, the Jumbo Max differs noticeably from just the Jumbo - the extra almost 20 cm of base smooths the quadric's steering wheel reactions, giving the machine excellent driving stability.This does not mean that "Max" can only go in a straight line. If necessary, he is able to hang on the tail of a short one on a winding road, but this will require much more effort from the rider. But storming steep descents and ascents on the Jumbo Max is much calmer and safer.


For the whole day of bullying the technique (and in another way to call such a test is difficult, and how else to understand all the features of the ward!) None of the quadrics showed any noticeable jambs. The transmission shifted still as clearly, the brakes did not vanish anywhere, the electrician was functioning ... The only remark: after water procedures on the short Jumbo, the left handle began to scroll. It is treated, of course, elementary: glue, wire or a piece of electrical tape, but it is better to pay more attention to fixing the handles even when assembling the quadric.