Publications by Vladimir Shust

In the dream we see a lot of different scenes, images, plots. Some of them are so bright that we remember them after waking up. Many people believe that our dreams can predict the future. Let's find out why the bird is dreaming.
What is a theorem and where does this term apply? You can learn about this in this article.
The word chrome quite often can be found not only in technical literature, but also in everyday life. What is chrome and what it is used for, you will learn in our article.
Many people believe that our dreams carry a certain meaning and can even predict the future. You just need to know how to interpret a dream. Let's look at why a currant dreams.
Want to plunge into the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and fight hordes of zombies? Then you definitely should try the game DayZ. There are many versions of this game, with different versions of servers and additional modifications. Let's learn how to start playing DayZ.
Imagine that you bought yourself a new, modern smartphone, but your expectations regarding this device did not materialize. What to do in this case? It is known that the device can be delivered to the store only within 14 days from the date of purchase. In other cases, under the terms of the warranty, the phone can be returned only when it is defective. Let's find out how to break the phone so that it can be returned under warranty.
You have become the proud owner of the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab and found out that a new version of the firmware for the tablet has been released. But the system update message does not come all. How to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab by yourself?
We often hear such a word as a signature. It can be found both on paper documents and on digital ones. What is a signature and what is it for?
We often encounter various special terms. Knowledge of special terms and words is very important in the modern world. Let's look at one of many such words and find out what differentiation is.
You decided to relax and plunged into your favorite game on your tablet. But suddenly, one half of the screen closes annoying advertising banner.This not only interferes with playing, but also spoils the mood.