Prophetic dreams: truth or fiction?


In different epochs, inquisitive minds invariably tried to solve the urgent riddle, finding the answer to the rhetorical question: What will happen in the future? Exciting sensations and anxiety, fear for loved ones and an unbridled desire to learn the innermost secret - the range of emotions and gamma of feelings that overwhelm the mind, do not allow you to enjoy the present, projecting possible scenarios. The invention of cars traveling in time, did not lead to the coveted result. In an effort to hear the inner voice, people turned to dreams, in which unprecedented power presents images from the future.

Is it possible to learn to control yourself in moments of rest? How to remember the positive news from the world of dreams and get rid of negative thoughts? What are dangerous prophecies? How to provoke the appearance during the sleep of prophetic images? Is there a way to prevent unpleasant events? What is the function of such a phenomenon, caused by the hidden potential of the human brain? Prophetic dreams: truth or fiction?

Prophetic dreams: truth or fiction?

Variety of beliefs: what to do with prophetic dreams?

A positive dream, under the impression of which a person remains, the main thing is not to tell others around for 3 days. Such a belief helps to tune in to a positive outcome of events, to find peace of mind and streamline thoughts. The above aspect is the only condition that helps the prophetic dream to come true. Much worse is the situation with unpleasant prophecies that need to be prevented. What to do in this situation? There are the following rituals among the people that allow to prevent the embodiment of an unfavorable future:

Touch the crown with your palm, trying to get rid of negative thoughts.
Share the dream with a stone that, according to legends, takes away negative energy and possible danger.
Return healthy sleep by looking at the open fire - the flame of a candle, matches, etc.
Knock the window 3 times, imagining how bad thoughts leave your mind.
Watching the flames, refer to the smoke, leaving into the unknown: "Where the night goes, there is a dream."
Open the front door and stick out the left foot beyond the threshold, mentally ordering the bad news to leave your house.
Tell your close people about a bad dream until 12 in the morning, sharing unpleasant news with them and warning them to make it real.
Pick up a tree or iron to find peace - these materials have powerful energy that helps reduce anxiety.

Practicing psychologists say that dreams are the fruit of a person’s imagination that has been played out, one of the forms of affirmation, self-suggestion. It is not surprising, because in the process of rest people often see solutions to pressing problems - the brain at a subconscious level projects possible scenarios.

Prophetic dreams: truth or fiction?

Interesting cases from the lives of famous people: sleep in the "hand"

It is irrational to talk about prophetic dreams, without turning to historical information. For centuries, the unknown scares people, because in the chronicles there are specific cases when visions came true. The most interesting to consider such a phenomenon on the example of well-known personalities who played the role of a global scale

Abraham Lincoln.

The American president had a prophetic dream on the eve of his own death. Ten days before the X-hour, under the cover of night, a picture appeared to him, where in one of the halls of the White House frustrated people lined up say goodbye to the unknown.The coffin stood on a characteristic hill, covered with the national flag.

Abraham could not make out the faces of the deceased, so he asked about the identity of the poor fellow at the guard, who was guarding the peace in the funeral hall. There was no limit to Lincoln’s surprise when the current president of the United States of America turned out to be a stranger. 10 days after the prophetic dream, a traitorous bullet found Abraham during a terrorist attack in the opera house.

Elias Howe

The creator of the sewing machine and the talented inventor from America were lucky to see a prophetic dream at the time of deep despair. The mechanic Elias, disappointed by a number of failures in the development of a device with a double stitch system, was on the edge of the “abyss”, having lost his mental balance - the threads used in the clothes creation machine were always torn.

Going to sleep, Hou dreamed a dream where he was sitting on top of a tree surrounded by aborigines. The enraged people of Africa wanted to reach the stranger, swinging their weapons belligerently. Elias' keen eye noticed small holes on the tips of the copies - a similar observation became fundamental.When he woke up, the American made a hole at the tip of the needle, creating a sewing machine with a double stitch system.

If you want to see a prophetic dream, then avoid the following factors negatively affecting the subconscious mind during rest:

1) empty or full stomach;

2) excessive cold or excessive heat;

3) prolonged sexual abstinence;

4) bright light;

5) exposure to alcoholic beverages and narcotic drugs

Adolf Gitler.

The young soldier, who defended the honor of Germany, Schicklgruber, had a prophetic dream right at the front. Conveniently located in a trench at the time of a break in hostilities, the German indulged in sweet dreams, from which he was horrified. He clearly saw his death and the death of his fellow soldiers, who were buried alive in a trench. Waking up, Adolph, who was panicked, quickly got out of the trench and instinctively ran towards the enemy.

The bullets whistling around the frightened soldier returned prudence to him, so he decided to return to the shelter. Turning around, the soldier saw a terrible picture - in the trench, where he rested, hit the shell. Going to the trench, the German himself saw the images of the dream.With only one exception - he was not in a mass grave. After a short time, the soldier knew the whole world as Adolf Hitler.

Mikhail Yurjevich Lermontov.

The history rarely mentions a fact about the heightened interest of the Russian poet in the exact sciences. A prose writer, endowed with an inquisitive mind and ingenuity, often spent the evening in search of a muse for solving mathematical problems. The next task related to logarithms turned out to be relatively difficult, because Lermontov did not manage to quickly “cope” with an example. Disappointed poet, obsessed with his own failure, went to sleep. Awakening from sleep, Mikhail Yuryevich’s associates say that he began frantically writing down the correct decision algorithm. The author of the highly moral works did not stop at this, depicting the face of a stranger who advised him the correct method of calculation.

Prophetic dreams: truth or fiction?

Historians, intrigued by the mystical dream of the Russian poet, found his drawing, starting to relate the appearance of the assistant to well-known mathematicians. Relatively quickly, professionals determined that the portrait depicted a Scottish social activist and successful scientist - John Napier, who died in the 17th century and created logarithms.The Russian poet and the foreign mathematician were not familiar a priori; therefore, from the beginning, historians confined themselves only to the surprise of the event. The last element of the puzzle, harmoniously complementing the overall picture, was a shocking fact - the Lermontov family comes from Scotland, where one of the first representatives of the dynasty, Georg Lermont, lived.

Alan Turing.

The creation of a computer, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern society, is assigned to the well-known English mathematics. Complicated chip, with which he managed to build a high-tech device, was the inventor in a dream. Having dealt with the diversity of images, Turing took the first step towards modernizing society and technological progress in general.

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev.

As a result of long-term brain activity aimed at developing an orderly structure of mineral formations and other natural substances, the Russian scientist had a prophetic dream, which became fateful. Indulging in dreams, Mendeleev clearly saw and was able to make out the table that is present in the XXI century in all educational institutions.When he awoke, he reproduced the images he saw, creating the famous classification of chemical elements.

Mark Twain.

I saw a prophetic dream and a famous American writer, in whose works not a single generation of people was brought up. In his youth, a journalist from the United States went to work with his brother, settling into a civilian flotilla. After some time, Twain became seriously ill, and therefore often complained of hallucinations and visions of various kinds. That's why the dream that the American saw, none of the relatives did not pay attention. Mark clearly saw the funeral of his own brother, lying in a metal coffin on a small hill in an unfamiliar room. It is noteworthy that on the chest of the deceased was a bouquet of white and one red rose.

Recovering from the disease, Twain was identified in another crew, so their paths with a loved one diverged. After a short period of time, a “funeral” came to the American prose writer with the bad news about the death of his brother. Arriving in Memphis, the author of famous stories and stories tossed around in search of a relative among a variety of wooden coffins.Mark was surprised when he saw a steel coffin with his brother in a corner of the hall. Approaching the headboard, the writer was literally speechless, because an unfamiliar woman put a bouquet of white and one red rose on the chest of the deceased sailor.

Prophetic dreams: truth or fiction?

In an attempt to understand the accuracy of prophetic sleep, it is important not to dwell on possible scenarios, listening to the inner voice. Often, people cannot influence a certain set of circumstances. However, to sit with folded arms is an inexpedient decision. Try to find the positive side in dreams, projecting a positive future.