Previously, a creamy sausage was sold in stores. where you can find it right now?

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Answered on December 5, 2014 08:27
Yes, in any pastry shop! Even in the hypermarkets in the confectionery departments saw. In Lenta it seems ... If you live in Moscow and you will not find a close-take a trip to the Metro on Leningradskoe Highway 71g - there definitely is. Up to one hundred rubles there is a large such. Though right now, there are so many kinds of divorced-yams from 3 different places brought and there was a different taste. Sometimes I do it myself as before from ordinary cookies, butter, cocoa and peanuts. It is being delivered as in childhood)))))). Biscuits take shortbread, grind it into large crumbs, butter, heat, add sugar and cocoa powder and some milk. I add peanuts and crumbs, mix them gently, spread them on cellophane and twist them.