Player sections

Player sectionsBriefly the magazine of councils will tell about all sections:


Favorites here everything is clear - you yourself create a list of your favorite files, for this, you can add any favorite file to your favorites (or make bookmarks). After this, every time you go to this section of the menu, you will see everything previously marked by you. These can be files not only uploaded to the hard drive installed in the player, a USB flash drive connected to it, but also remote from it via the network. Whether it's files located on any computer on your home or corporate network, or files located directly on the Internet.


The media library provides you with access to all possible file vaults, specifying a list of these repositories, among which there may be all of the above listed file storage locations. If some file storage is not available, it is not highlighted in the menu list, it remains darkened. You can go to the search of the file you need among such storage locations as:

USB - external USB drive

HDD - hard drive installed in the player

Files shared on a computer network

Home or other network to which the player is connected

UPnP - protocols for the exchange of information between computers and

other media devices, self-tuning between them,

to share files ready for use immediately after power up.

Play list - it contains files placed in a queue


eTRAYz in this menu you can view media files that are located on a site installed on the player's built-in hard drive


iRadio access to Internet radio stations, the list of which is already embedded in the player’s software, but you can edit it DVD if you connect an external DVD drive with USB interface to the player, your player will turn into a full-fledged DVD player


Notice that each of these menus contains several more submenus, where you can choose one or another view modes, listening to media files.

If you press the Home or Return buttons, you will be taken back to the menu selection.