Plastic windows: how to choose?

The choice of plastic windows is extremely difficult. If earlier there was nothing to choose from, and there was no such thing as a Russian person to know about “plastic windows”, now world brands offer a wide choice to the buyer. That's just what to stop?


How to choose plastic window profiles? Most often in the markets there are two types of profiles: three-and five-chamber. The camera is called the air inside the air, which protects the house from cold and noise. From this it is seen that the more such cameras, the stronger and more reliable the protection. But, and the three chamber profile will provide adequate protection from noise and cold.

When your windows face the streets or the road, it is better to install a five-chamber profile. And if the windows overlook a glazed loggia or balcony, then a three-chamber profile will suffice. It also matters when choosing a profile whether you have a quiet area, location to the road, heating level. If your house is located near the road or tram tracks, and in winter it is not very hard to heat, then it is better to install a five-chamber profile.Having determined what profile you need, you can decide on its brand or manufacturer.

Brand Profile or Brand

A large number of profile manufacturers are represented on the modern market But all of them can be divided into three price categories:

  • Premium
  • Classic
  • Economy

Let's look at the most popular brand manufacturers. If you choose plastic windows on the basis of their cost, then pay attention to the windows of Economy class. Most often, this category includes our domestic producers, but sometimes there are others. The low cost of domestic profile is characterized by the fact that local materials are used for its manufacture, and the logistics costs are lower than those of European manufacturers. PROPLEX, VEKA, DI FENCE and SOK can be attributed to the “Economy” class. Now to the question of how to choose a good plastic windows.

Affordable price and higher quality are characteristic of the price category “Classic”. Most often, these include European manufacturers. Windows that will be made of such a profile will serve you for a long time. These windows are considered the most purchased. Such manufacturers have won the trust and recognition for their quality and long presence in our market. Brands of the category “Classic”: LG, MONTBLANG, KBE and RENAU.This price category is designed for those who appreciate quality, but do not want to overpay.

The Premium category doesn’t have many differences from the Classic category. The quality of this profile is not much higher than the category "Classic". Simply, the firms belonging to the Premium class are firmly entrenched in both the Russian and global markets, in this particular segment. These are brands such as DIMEX and THYSSEN. This profile is suitable for those who choose only the best and are not limited in finances. Now we will understand, getting plastic windows, how to choose a double-glazed window for them?

Double glazing

There are single-chamber and two-chamber double-glazed windows. The chamber is the space between the panes, which is filled with discharged gas and air. Cameras protect your home from cold and noise. When using two glasses it turns out a single-chamber double-glazed window, when using three - two-chamber. In addition to the number of cameras, double-glazed windows have other nuances that you should look at:

  • chambers can be made with different spraying, which increase the insulation and reflect the heat in the house;
  • There are tempered glass, providing increased strength. Even if such a glass is broken, it will only crumble into small pieces;
  • the glass can be laminated, that is, covered with a special film that increases the strength of the glass, and the glass is not broken upon impact. But this option will cost a little more.

For ordinary double-glazed windows use a special polished glass. How to choose plastic windows and glass for them? You can be guided by the same principles as when choosing a profile. The most average option is considered a single-chamber double-glazed window with a special coating. If you combine a profile and a double-glazed window, you can get the following options to help you answer the question of how to choose good plastic windows.

  1. The profile is three-chamber, a double-glazed window single-chamber - provide the minimum protection against cold and noise. Perfect for windows overlooking the glazed loggia or windows in the kitchen.
  2. The profile is three-chamber, the double-glazed window is two-chamber - it will provide good protection. This is an excellent option, if your house is heated enough, and you are disturbed by the noise from the street.
  3. The profile is five-chamber, double-glazed windows - protection to the maximum. This combination is for those whose houses are in close proximity to tram or railway tracks, or noisy freeways.


It is impossible to save on accessories! Otherwise, you will have to pay twice in the future. There are as many accessories as profiles, so there are a lot of subtleties and nuances. We recommend that when choosing accessories trust the choice of professionals. There are accessories for plastic windows, which are made of plastic or soft metal. Such fittings, of course, will not last long, it will soon have to be changed.

At the ROTO and SIEGENIA AUBI accessories all mechanisms are made of durable metal. Also, this hardware has additional functions: a mechanism of four-step ventilation and support for the window from sagging.