Pheromones. What is it?

Every living organism releases pheromones. What is it? These are biologically active volatile substances. In the animal kingdom, they contribute to meeting and mating individuals of the opposite sex. With the help of pheromones, animals can mark the boundaries of their territory or warn their relatives about the danger. In humans, pheromones are produced by exocrine glands and increase sexual attractiveness.

Pheromone action

The smell of pheromones is very weak, but a person catches it at an unconscious level. Thus, an infant unmistakably recognizes its mother by smell. Pheromones have a strong sexual effect on an adult. Scientists believe that the individual human smell is the decisive factor when choosing a partner.

For the recognition of pheromones responsible organ Jacobs, located in the nose. This is a separate receptor organ, not related to the sense of smell. It transmits a signal to the brain, namely, to the part that controls a person’s sexual behavior and is responsible for the production of sex hormones.

Places of pheromone are the genitals, armpits, nasolabial folds and nipples in women. That is why lovers love to kiss so much, and men are not indifferent to women's hair and breasts. The aroma of a person depends on the state of his hormonal and immune systems, as well as the food consumed.

Types of Pheromones

Unhealthy lifestyles, stress, fatigue, fear and other negative factors are the cause of the development of the repellent pheromone - repellent. Under his influence, a person becomes uninteresting to others and even more so for the opposite sex.

Positive life background, good physical condition, on the contrary, contribute to the development of attractants - substances that cause location and sympathy. They have a positive effect not only on the attitude of others, but also make a person more friendly and liberated.

Artificial Pheromones

With the development of civilization, the use of personal care products, a person has practically lost the ability to produce hormones in a natural way. And the minimum that the body is still capable of producing is hidden by clothing.After numerous studies and experiments in the laboratory, artificially created a substance containing sex hormones that are identical to human.

Artificial pheromones were added to perfumes and cosmetics. If you believe the advertising, people using perfume with pheromones, receive increased attention from the opposite sex. At the same time, manufacturers claim that the smell of perfume does not affect the perception of pheromones.

Such an idea is very doubtful. After all, pheromone is, first of all, an individual smell that can cause attraction only in some biologically compatible potential partners. And the popularity of spirits due to psychological factors. A woman or a man who has inflicted perfume with pheromones on himself is sure of their magical effect and therefore behave more confidently and liberated than attract the interest of the opposite sex.