Personal affairs during business hours

Personal affairs during business hoursAnd what do you do during working hours

Many employers understand and sometimes approve of the fact that employees solve some personal problems during working hours if the assignment for the day is completed. Some companies even introduce a special post of concierges to fulfill small orders of employees. Employees with young children need special treatment. Enter their position and do not think that if a colleague leaves his work early to pick up his son from kindergarten, then this is some kind of special privilege. Perhaps he will have to work on Saturday, when you will rest. A flexible schedule is one of the natural components of the modern economy.


Personal calls


Almost all employers complain that employees too often use a work phone for personal use. Therefore, speak on the phone briefly and in essence. Don't figure out the relationship. A five-minute conversation with a daughter about a hamster is unlikely to cause criticism, but a half-hour discussion with a friend of the Champions League last round is unacceptable.




The work email address is intended for correspondence relating only to work, but usually companies are looking through their fingers at personal correspondence at the workplace. However, if you decide to sit in a chat or search for information about guinea pigs, do it at home. Do not send spam. Do not keep correspondence, because of which you can be fired.


Working email address is the property of the company. Do not be offended if the system administrator will monitor its use.