Peculiarities of the lovebird parrot

Choosing a small bird - a parrot as a pet - you should be prepared for the difficult question to face - what kind of preference should you give? But, if you talk with experienced "poultry houses", then they will advise you to buy exactly lovebirds. These little fidgets have long won the hearts of many owners.

Together and forever

The birthplace of lovebirds is Africa and the island of Madagascar, where they prefer to live in the forests of the tropics. But there are also mountain species. Such individuals grow no higher than 15-17 cm, and weigh only 50-60 g. It is very easy to recognize this species by the color of the plumage - the body is dominated by green color, and the head, neck and breast can be red, blue or yellow, as seen in a photo.

Parrots of this type are capable pupils and can talk over time, but there is also a fairly large percentage of those who do not have such talents.

Having decided to buy a feathered pet, you should know about all the features of its content, because the well-being and mood of these little birds depend on proper care and enough attention.


Cage for the girl must be spacious. So that birds can freely fly from place to place. Please note that you must carefully approach the choice of material for the home. It is better if the bars are not painted, because the little naughty girls will quickly gnaw the paint and may subsequently have health problems.

The bottom of the cage can not be covered with anything, since in nature the parrots make their nests. Therefore, it is better to bring them thin willow twigs, from which they will skillfully make themselves comfortable accommodation.

Of course, as in the case of other birds, you do not need to put the cage in a draft or in a place where it will be under direct sunlight the whole day.


The most suitable option is a special grain mixture. Please note that food for wavy parrots for lovebirds is not suitable. They are also great lovers of greenery, so you can safely diversify the diet with dandelion leaves, clover, mint, which must be carefully washed beforehand. In winter, it is recommended to grow grass from oats and millet in flower pots.

Dried vegetables and fruits (carrots, parsley, apples, raisins), as well as various seeds (sunflower, rape, sesame) will not be superfluous.But remember that the seeds are quite fatty product, so their number should be strictly defined.

In spring, non-henchmen can be given a twig of a willow branch, and also do not forget about the water that needs to be changed daily.

Food should not be excessive, the daily rate is 2-3 tsp. An important element of the diet are also vitamin-mineral complexes.


To ensure that the birds feel comfortable, in the autumn-winter period it is necessary to take care of artificial lighting. Its deficiency can lead to lethargy and depression, as well as problems with the endocrine system, which are fraught with a fatal outcome and reproductive pathologies. And this, in turn, eliminates the possibility of reproduction.

The best suited ultraviolet lamps with a soft light and a timer.


Contrary to the beautiful legend that lovers are dying after the death of their "second half", we can say with confidence that nothing prevents them subsequently create a new union. If the parrot will live alone, some changes will be visible in its behavior and character, but it will not affect the health status.A couple should choose a bird, if you understand that you can not devote a pet a lot of time.

But keep in mind that males of this species are very picky in choosing a chosen one, and quarrels and fights can often arise between individuals. In this case, the male and female should be placed on different cells for a few days, after which they again settle in a common nest.

Most likely, the understanding that from now on will have to live together will lead to reconciliation. If the couple will continue to fight like that, it means that they will have to look for the male new lady of the heart.


Nerazluchnniki can freely reproduce at home. The age of birds for this must be more than 10 months. You will also need to buy a special house where the pair will match the nest, and the female will be able to lay and incubate the eggs. On average, their number is 4-5 pieces. Chicks appear 23 days after laying, and after a month they quietly leave the parent nest.

Breeders can bring offspring up to 4 times a year, but do not try to achieve this record, because frequent breeding takes a lot of energy from birds. After two times the nesting house is best removed and allowed to live in a couple in a regular cage.

There is nothing difficult in the content of the inseparable. Deciding to purchase this bird as a pet, you not only get an active bird, but also a loyal, loving friend.

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