Papier-mache - a technique that even children will master

If you want to take something interesting for yourself and your child, then you can make some original crafts. For example, real masterpieces can be created with the help of the long-known and all papier-mâché technique. It's not so difficult, even kids will cope with it. And how much pleasure delivers the process! Be sure to try it!

Touching gift

What it is?

For a start, let's go into history a little. In general, the very phrase “papier-mâché” is translated from French as “chewed paper”. And it allows you to understand what is the essence of the method. No, you do not need to chew anything, but the paper will certainly be present in the mass. By the way, such mass is produced not only from paper, but also glue is added there.

Technique first appeared in France at the beginning of the distant XIV century. First, the masters made a variety of dolls, toys, figurines. But then papier-mâché plates, vases, props for theaters and even furniture that was incredibly similar to real ones began to appear.

In total there are two areas of technology:

  • The first method involves modeling of a soft mass, prepared from glue and paper. Composition give the necessary shape, hands form the details.
  • The second way is more complicated. It is called masking and involves sticking paper with layers of adhesive.

Composition for modeling

Beautiful boat

In order to make hand-made papier-mache crafts, you first need to prepare a lot for sculpting (if you plan to sculpt it). It is on its qualities that the very process of manufacturing products, as well as the characteristics of the finished thing, depends. The composition must have a certain viscosity, malleability. But he does not have to stick to his hands. It also requires a certain density and consistency.

You will need:

  • 3 rolls of toilet paper (you can buy the cheapest);
  • 3 tablespoons of linseed oil (it can be replaced with regular sunflower);
  • 1.5 liters of water;
  • 500 grams of PVA glue (the other will not work);
  • gauze;
  • several bowls (it is best to take plastic).

Now the cooking process itself:

  1. First prepare the paper. It needs to be picked in small pieces. The finer they are, the better. The mass will be homogeneous and plastic. Put the shredded paper in a bowl and cover with warm water.Leave it all for 10-12 hours to swell. Want to speed up the process? Then use hot water.
  2. When the specified time has passed, and the paper is swollen, it needs to be pressed. Do this with gauze. But a little water should still remain, otherwise the composition will be excessively dense.
  3. Now start adding glue. Do it better in small portions, constantly mixing the mass.
  4. Then add oil, mix. This component is necessary for the composition to be ductile and not too hard to handle.
  5. Done, you can start sculpting.

Several options for crafts

From the mass of papier-mache you can do many interesting things: toys, dolls, plates and much, much more. We offer several options for interesting and original gizmos.

Here is such a toy for son


This is a simple option, in fact you can do real masterpieces, but for children it is difficult.

So, you will need:

  • wire for the frame (it is better to take an average thickness so that it bends well, but is durable);
  • mass papier-mache (use the above recipe);
  • the cloth;
  • nippers;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • tape;
  • thick woolen threads;
  • paint (it is better to take acrylic, they fit well).

So, let's proceed to cooking:

  1. First you need to make a frame. Cut a piece of wire about 20 centimeters long. This is a blank for the torso. Also cut two more pieces of 12-15 centimeters for the legs and two pieces of 10 centimeters for the hands.
  2. Wire for the trunk bend in half, also do with your legs and hands. Start twisting the long wire. Twisting about half a centimeter, put the first future leg on one end (so that the bend is at the base of the body), and the other on the other. The wire legs can immediately be twisted, slightly bent at the end.
  3. Continue to twist the wire-torso. When you have about 2-3 centimeters left, put your future hands on the ends (in the same way as your legs), distribute them on opposite sides, twist.
  4. Twist the main wire through. The frame is ready.
  5. Now begin to stick around the mass first body, then arms, legs and neck. Leave some space for mounting the head.
  6. Now make a head. It will be an ordinary ball. Attach it to the neck.
  7. Allow the product to dry completely.
  8. Next, you need to paint the doll with colors. Do it with the child, he will definitely like it! Mix white paint with a little red (should turn a pale pink shade).
  9. Draw your features: nose, mouth, eyes.
  10. Cut the woolen strips with strips 3-4 cm long.
  11. Glue the threads to your head, you will have hair.
  12. Now put on the doll. Cut a rectangle out of the fabric. The dimensions will be approximately 7x10 centimeters. Arrange the rectangle horizontally, make two slits for the hands at a distance of 4-5 centimeters.
  13. Put the things on the doll, at the waist, tie a ribbon.
  14. A simple doll is ready!

Little vase

To make an original vase, prepare the following items:

  • soft wrapping paper of any bright color;
  • PVA glue;
  • vase;
  • glue brush;
  • food film.

We proceed to the manufacture of:

  1. Take a vase, turn it upside down. Wrap it completely.
  2. Put a vase on the table.
  3. Now prepare the paper. Narvite it with pieces of medium size.
  4. Place one piece of paper on the vase, glue it well with glue, glue the next piece so that the edges extend beyond the first.
  5. In the same way, lubricate each piece, paste the other. You must glue the whole vase.
  6. Now proceed to the second layer. In total, no less than 7-10 layers are required, otherwise there will not be a strong vase.It is not necessary to smear the last layer with glue!
  7. Allow the product to dry. Done!


The plate is also easy to manufacture. Here is what you need:

  • old newspapers;
  • plate;
  • foil or food film;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic paints.

Now the instruction:

  1. Wrap the plate with foil, turn it upside down, put it on the table.
  2. You get a newspaper.
  3. Place on a plate one piece of newspaper, spread it with glue, place the second on it.
  4. Glue the entire surface, go to the next layer. In total, 10-15 layers are necessary (depending on the thickness of the newspaper).
  5. Let the plate dry.
  6. Color the product. You can draw something interesting (flowers, butterflies, squiggles, and so on).
  7. Done!

Helpful Tips

Some useful tips:

  • Get ready for the fact that his hands will have to get dirty, without this in any way.
  • It is better to cover the surface with oilcloth.
  • From the first time it may turn out not as we would like, so patience does not hurt.
  • Begin to create only if you are in a good mood, otherwise it may not work out.
  • Prepare everything you need in advance so as not to be distracted later.
  • Think over each stage, make sure that you understand everything.

Create, do unusual and lovely things with your child and decorate your house with them!

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