Rocket paper with their own hands

Paper rocket with your own handsThe development of talents and skills in children is one of the most important components of their education. If you do not know what exactly you can do at your leisure with a child, then we can recommend you to organize a “skillful pens” home circle and make a paper rocket for children.


Let's consider a very simple idea for modeling a rocket made of paper, which, we are sure, will appeal to even the smallest. Call grandparents - an interesting evening with your family is guaranteed.


Simply simple: a paper rocket in a few minutes!


If you've never done this kind of work before, it's best to start with the simplest version of a paper rocket. To create it you will need thick paper. At the same time for the case we will use colored paper, and the parachute can be made of tissue paper.


If it's hard for you to do all the trouble, you can first draw a drawing, and then start to execute.


Paper rocket with your own hands


First you need to take a sheet of colored paper and make a cone out of it.To give the paper more flexibility, you can skip it between the table and the ruler. Then glue the edge, only hold it longer until the glue is completely dry.


Prepare the rocket pattern out of paper in advance, and after gluing the cone, put the pattern on the resulting shape and make notes on the cone, and cut off the space left behind the line.


Paper rocket with your own hands


For the manufacture of special stabilizing mechanisms need to take three sheets of colored paper with dimensions of 8 × 17 mm. Each of these leaves should be bent and put on them templates for a rocket made of paper. According to the contours made, stabilizers should be cut out. Then you need to bend the edges at the marked points and glue them.


As you can see, the template plays an important role, and therefore it needs to be done carefully and accurately. It is from it that the rocket corps must be cut.


Paper rocket with your own hands


On the rocket paper diagram you will see six stabilizers: three small and large. Their goal is to give the rocket stability, so that in their manufacture you need to be extremely attentive. Before installing them, it is important to mark on the rocket the places to which they will be attached.In order to make the distance between the stabilizers accurate, you can use compasses.


After this, we make a parachute: just bend the tissue paper, the size of which should be 280 × 280 mm.


Paper rocket with your own hands


The last step - we make 8 lines of threads. They should be pasted on the canopy. The parachute itself must be carefully placed in the stern of the rocket, and then when it starts, it will open, and your own paper rocket will fly away.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated in making paper rockets by yourself.