What is a smartphone

What is a smartphone? New technologies today are not about smartphones. For a long time, namely in the last decade of mankind, smartphones have already appeared on store shelves, and by the end of the decade they had completely conquered the mobile phone market.

How to draw a woman

How to draw a woman? Ivan Kochura March 12, 2013 It is rather difficult to depict a human body, especially if it is a girl in a bikini, for example. How to draw a woman with a pencil? To make the girl's figure beautiful.

How to grow begonia

How to grow begonia? Begonia is a perennial plant of the Begonium family. In decorative floriculture use more than 120 types of begonias. All these species are beautiful in their own way. Among begonias there are decorative leafy and decorative flowering species. These plants.

How to treat a cold

How to treat a cold Treatment of the disease The basic rule is not to interfere with your body. He perfectly knows how to cope with an acute respiratory illness. Of course, lack of appetite, runny nose, cough and fever are dubious pleasure, but.

How to take a smear

How to take a smear? Marina Nazarenko March 18, 2013 11789 Before going to the antenatal clinic, it is useful to learn how to take a smear from women. The patient is in the gynecological chair. You can purchase a smear kit in the.

Crochet white socks

Crochet white socks We crochet cute white socks for the home. The master class is quite simple and suitable for beginner needlewomen. Materials and tools: Novita Tennessee yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 107 m / 50 g) - 100 g white; hook number 3. Legend.

What is scleroderma

What is scleroderma? kurlatik February 2, 2015 If someone has a question what is scleroderma, it will be rather difficult to answer shortly and clearly. It can be said that this is an “autoimmune” disease, it can be noted that women suffer from it.

How to fix the sink

How to fix the sink? Watch the video How to fix the sink? Not only the appearance, but also the functionality of your kitchen will depend on how well the installation of kitchen plumbing will be carried out. In some cases, it is impossible.

Pearl Mushroom Soup

Pearl Mushroom Soup You will need - 1 cup of pearl barley; - 250 g fresh mushrooms; - 1 onion; - a bunch of parsley and dill; - 50 ml cooking oil; - 1 tbsp. spoon flour or butter; - Seasonal vegetables to taste.

How to collect cars

How to collect cars? Watch the video How to collect cars? Not many people are given the opportunity to see how the car assembly process takes place at the factory. In fact, it is quite interesting. In Russia, a lot of car factories that.

How to drill a file

How to drill a file How to drill a red-hot file into a light one? A very simple way that you need in life. A little trick of using the tool for other purposes or not for the intended purpose. A short master class.

How to draw a skull

How to draw a skull? Watch the video How to draw a skull? In this short article we will tell you how to draw a skull. For a beginning artist, it is quite difficult to depict such objects as a whole, so we will.

Sinkwein: what is it

Synquain: what is it? Quite a few have heard such a term as sinwine; however, not everyone knows exactly what it means. Especially it is incomprehensible to those who are far from literature. Let's see what is a wine and how it can be.

Which car to choose

Which car to choose? Every car owner sooner or later there is a desire to buy a car, or change the old one to a new one. And this is far from easy, since a large number of factors influence the choice, the main.

Why do people dream

Why do people dream? It is believed that dreams have a certain sacred meaning. If you solve a dream, you can predict the fate of a person and what awaits him in the future. In this article we will give an interpretation of why.

Can children honey?

Can children honey? Alisa Verbova July 30, 2012 In all the measure is good. And to the question whether children can have honey, the answer is yes, it is possible, even useful, but little by little. Thanks to honey, babies will get the necessary.

What is useful run

What is useful running? Anton Kravchenko June 5, 2012 Running is almost the most affordable way to keep yourself in good physical shape. Indeed, during the run almost all the muscles of the body are involved, the heart and respiratory systems are actively working.

How to pay damages

How to repair the damage? To begin with, how to compensate for moral damage, as it is more difficult than to compensate for material. This is a civil case, therefore, the judge’s attitude to the issue that is being discussed is important here. Moral.

What is a contract

What is a contract? Marina Fedotova March 28, 2013 11993 The modern world operates on agreements, contracts, contracts between different people, organizations. If we did not have these documents, we would not be able to receive wages and, accordingly, work. A similar situation with.

Why hands are cold

Why hands are cold If you constantly feel that your ice, consult a specialist. Doctors found that the legs and arms could become cold due to certain small capillaries. The blood ceases to flow in the required quantity and as a result - the.

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