“Bonya and Kuzmich” were lit in the new clip of the group “Hands Up!”

The video for the song "Queen of Beauty" is already on TV and on the Internet.

Recall: that the members of the Perm duet appeared in the new music video of the group “Hands Up!”, On their Instagram page, the team leader Sergey Zhukov said. He said that we are talking about filming a "new summer action movie" Beauty Queen. Now everyone can see this video: the video premiered on TV on July 30, on the Internet - on August 3.

“Four in the morning, we are at the airport Big Savino, Mishka (Kuzmichu). An SMS from Sergey Zhukov comes to the phone:“ Guys, there is a super deal, how to wake up, call! ”Recalls Julia Starikova (Bonya). - And we did not sleep. And it began! All, of course, had to be done in a short time. They took a clip in two days in Moscow - in a yacht club and a restaurant on the water. It was cool, fun, but at the same time exciting and responsible. The weather broke all the shooting for us, waited for the sun. As soon as it looked out for two or three minutes,so they immediately filmed someone's drift or falling into the pool. The atmosphere was light and relaxed: we rode on a yacht, ate delicious meals, took pictures and had fun. We hope we didn’t spoil anything, and the video, like the song, will be a summer hit!

Ooh! Soot and Kuzmich
Photo: duet archive

By the way, Julia Starikova (Bonya) and Mikhail Kuzminykh (Kuzmich) have long become real favorites of Russian stars. What is at least the number of Boni and Nikolai Baskov at the award ceremony RU.TV! And the cheerful clockwork duet from Perm became famous for its versions of famous hits (for example, the clip for the song HIDEAWAY of the singer KIESZA collected more than 3 million views).