New tires were not new

I bought a car in winter. As the seller said - tires one season. I arrived yesterday at the pereobuvka, and the service station reported that my winter tires in the trash. How can this be?
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Maybe you just before the sale of the car was cut with a special tool protectors on old tires killed? I did not think that this was possible, until I ran into it directly after buying the next car ..
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Nata Lee, and you'd better take this chip yourself into service. Changing tires every two or three seasons is expensive enough for a wallet. And so you can cut the tire tread with a special tool, and your car tires leave at least one more season as pretty. Read, here the technology is described in more detail.
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Is it possible to influence the seller? This can be qualified as a fraud and claim compensation for the cost of tires.