Naked priest on the background of the landscape - a new flash mob in Instagram

Sonya Morsikova May 3, 2017

Belfie - yesterday. When you go on vacation this summer, take your fifth spot on the background of mountains, sea, waterfalls or - for the most daring sights - and put the hashtag #cheekyexploits. Instagram is gaining incredible popularity with a new funny flash mob titled “Make the world happier with the help of buttocks.” The action was launched by American travel bloggers, and for the best pictures with flat pants, an @cheekyexploits account was created, for which about 200 thousand people have already subscribed! It is curious that the flash mob has as many supporters as there are critics: the former consider shooting with bare ass funny and dream of going on vacation as soon as possible to try; the latter, on the contrary, call the action exhibitionism, also within the city limits, and demand an immediate end to it.