Moles spoil the suburban area.

How to get rid of moles, rummaged the lawn and flower beds, I'm afraid that my pride will be spoiled - an alpine slide


It is better not to put the mole trap not for the faint of heart, and the ultrasonic repellents are weak and zero, but the most humane, we just have plastic bottles on sticks, they thunder and create vibrations, for a while they leave.

a guest06.09.18 13:16

Ultrasonic utter nonsense, moles are not afraid of anything at all and the bottles they need from a flashlight, they usually leave themselves.

Moles are afraid of phytoncides, noticed where they grow onions and garlic, they do not start, or they sniff when they make a couple of moves, but they don’t dig further.

The best option is - the grid, especially in places where flower gardens, flower beds and lawn, the grid is better to take woven, it just creeps in, it is buried at a depth of 10 -15 cm and covered with earth, it doesn’t harm plants and it will definitely stop moles, we have this lying under the lawn, it is prudently placed under the sod roll and the lawn is perfect without bumps and holes from moles that constantly dug this place.

a guest27.09.18 18:49

Moles are nonsense, compared to starlings who ate whole cherries and pears from us this year ((.

Scarecrow - the old old-fashioned method from starlings and rooks that peck cherries and other crops from fruit trees.