Modern gifts for the New Year 2013

Modern gifts for the new year 2013 photo

Modern gifts for the New Year 2013. What is presented in the modern New Year 2013?

Probably, you are already pretty fed up every year to celebrate the holiday according to the same scenario for children and adults and wants something new and unusual this year. In this article, several options are presented to your attention in order to make the holiday more cheerful and modern, which present gifts for the New Year 2013 will be given by many.


For example, you can make a costumed presentation from a familiar family holiday, but in this case you will need quite a lot of time to organize and plan the event. But this is the most interesting part, thanks to independent planning you will get a lot of positive emotions, besides, you will now have something to tell your friends who will definitely want to take part in your costume party. First of all, you need to think about how you will decorate your own apartment and organize guest outfits.The year 2013 will be the year of the black water snake, so the party can be arranged thematically - guests can be dressed in costumes of pirates or various sea inhabitants, because the mistress of the year will be a resident of the sea.


Indeed, it is in your power to replace the traditional Father Frost and Snow Maiden with a mermaid, octopus and a shark, and the lord of the underwater kingdom with a trident in his hands can act as the commander-in-chief of the holiday. Also, to entertain guests, you can arrange a theatrical battle between pirates, and instead of glasses with champagne in the hands of guests there can be a cup of rum, because it is rum that is considered to be the traditional drink of a real pirate.


If you decide to choose the pirate theme as the theme for the New Year 2013, then you need to go to decorate the apartment, for this you can choose beautiful shells, half-destroyed chests of jewels, a fishing net and algae.


If you like fairy tales and want to give your guests the opportunity to return to childhood, then you can choose Russian folk tales as the theme of the holiday - guests can change clothes in Koshchey Immortal, Baba Yaga, mermaid, water devil, and other famous characters from Russian fairy tales .Also, the original idea will be to change into famous personalities - Hollywood stars or popular singers, it all depends on your imagination and desire to arrange a costume ball. Today there is an incredibly large number of various creative ideas, everything will depend on the amount of free time, because in order to decorate an apartment for the New Year, you will need a lot of time, as well as financial possibilities, as some decorations may have quite a decent price.


In the event that you do not like these long dressing and rather uncomfortable costumes and prefer more extreme entertainment, then you can try to celebrate the coming New Year as divers or parachutists - under water, in some distant warm country or in the air, in flight. You can be sure for one hundred percent that you will never forget this New Year.


It will be very interesting to celebrate New Year in an exotic country. For example, if you love romance and want to make a pleasant surprise for your soulmate, then you can go to New Year in Paris or exotic Brazil.


Contemporary New Year in costumes and carnival masks.

Modern New Year in costumes can be found, so to speak, the thematic New Year.


Contemporary New Year in costumes and carnival masks.

Contemporary New Year in costumes and carnival masks.


But patriots can have fun in their native country. The perfect option for a couple in love to celebrate the holiday alone - you can decorate your own bath with rose petals, candles, garlands and spruce twigs, and take a glass of champagne in your hands and have a great time together. But, if you do not like to celebrate the New Year at all, then just go to bed, moreover, in this way you can really distinguish yourself and be the most original.


New Year - modern creative gifts for friends.



Probably everyone wants to get some original andmodern gift for the New Year, but not a simple banal souvenir. Even the most useful gifts in the home will not cheer up.


As a gift you can present exclusive chocolate, besides, today many pastry shops produce handmade chocolate for the New Year, besides you can order chocolate of the original form. The original gift will be a portrait of chocolate,but if you do not have the financial ability to make such a portrait, then you can simply buy a beautiful package of high-quality candies made from valuable cocoa varieties.


If you want to make a modern gift for the New Year, which will remain for a long time and will remind you of your attention, then you can order a real portrait. In the event that you have such a financial opportunity, then you can order a portrait from a professional who can write it from a photo, and if you can draw it yourself, then everything is in your hands. To cheer up, you can give a cartoon, which will be depicted your friend and you.


Beautifulcreative gift for the New Yearwill become an electronic photo frame with your shared photos that you can upload yourself.


You can donate an original calendar, which you can do yourself or order from professional designers, moreover, today it is quite easy and has a relatively low cost.


One of the most creative and modern gifts will be a big billboard greeting near the house.But in this case, you need to remember that you need to choose only good photos, otherwise you risk a long time to spoil the mood of the person who wanted to make nice.


Perhaps you already understood that today it is quite easy and not very expensive to make a truly creative and original gift for the New Year 2013, which will please your friends and acquaintances, besides you can make gifts yourself by reading the article cheap gifts for the New Year and how to make postcard for the New Year.


With the arrival of winter, many people often drink hot tea, and to avoid messing up the table, you need a special stand that will become a wonderful modern gift reminiscent of your attention and care. You can make such a stand yourself, for this you need to learn the decoupage technique, with which you can quite easily create a real work of art.