Minced Turkey Schnitzel

Minced Turkey Schnitzel
Photo: Dmitry Bayrak / dbstudio
Stuffing (turkey meat)300 gramsWheat Bread (Crumb)100 gramsMilk4 tbsp.2 piecesBulb onions1 onionChampignon100 gramsButter40 gramstastePeppertasteVegetable oilfor roasting
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:40 minutes
  • Flow temperature:Hot dish
  • Processing Type:Roasting

Crumb cut into slices.

Two of them put in a bowl, moisten with milk, add a beaten egg and grind into a pulp.

Mix the stuffing. Onions and mushrooms cut and sauté in butter, spread in minced meat. Salt, pepper, knead and knock.

Sculpt four oval cutlets. Cut the remaining bread into cubes, slightly beat the egg. Dip the schnitzels in the egg, roll in bread cubes.

Fry in a large amount of butter over moderate heat, so that the bread does not immediately turn red.

Calorie:375 kcal per serving.