Melania Trump refused to go to Davos because of the alleged adultery of her husband

Previously, Melania Trump did not observe such behavior. She was the president’s faithful companion on all of his trips abroad, from the Vatican to Saudi Arabia. What she did not like Switzerland? Or is it not at all in the schedule and not in the country?

Publication from First Lady Melania Trump (@flotus)Nov 15, 2017 at 9:17 pst

It would seem that on Monday the couple celebrated the 13th wedding anniversary, and on weekends Melania recalled on Twitter that the inauguration ceremony of her husband was held a year ago. True, in the commentary to the photo, in which she was not with Donald, but with a soldier, Ms. Trump did not say a word about the hero of the occasion. “It was a year filled with amazing moments. I met many people whom I was lucky to meet during my trips around the country and around the world! ”She shared her impressions about her first year in the status of first lady.

Publication from First Lady Melania Trump (@flotus)Jan 20, 2018 at 8:15 PST

What offended Melania so? The tabloids immediately suggested that the scandalous interview with star of adult films Stormie Daniels, which came out last week, which she admitted in connection with Donald Trump in 2006 — just three months after the birth of her first child Melania Trump. Oops.