Make Angel Wings for a Child

Kids love to dress up for the holidays. But carnival costumes are expensive, and there are a lot of reasons to wear them. Why should parents not make a universal holiday accessory for the child -angel wings? Such an element of the outfit will be appropriate at any children's celebration. Dress your child in an angel with Dremel.

Materials and tools:

  1. a large box of thick white cardboard
  2. 10 packs of white marabou feathers;
  3. 8 packages of large white bird feathers
  4. 2 packs of white feathers for making crafts;
  5. 2 pieces of elastic (length –50cm,width–5mm);
  6. Dremel glue gun (930);
  7. 7mm glue sticks;
  8. Dremel 3000 with a cutting wheel for cutting (SC406).

Step 1

Take the cardboard box and cut it diagonally with the Dremel 3000 and a cutting wheel for cutting (SC406). Use one of the sides of the box and fold it along the existing fold. We draw on the surface of the cardboard contour of the wings. Remember that the width of the wing in the widest part should not be less than 38 cm. Cut the workpiece using the Dremel multi-tool with a cutting disc (SC406).Using the same tool, we make two 1 cm long holes in the cardboard templates. They are needed to make garters.

Step 2

We expand the workpiece and put it edge up. We take a needle with an elastic band and made holes. First, we need to skip down through one of the slits, and then up through the other. We tie the knots at the ends of the rubber bands. We repeat the same actions on the other wing. Later, you can adjust the length of the holders so that the child is comfortable to wear them.

Step 3

It’s time to embrace the decoration of the wings with the help of the white marabou feathers. Use the Dremel glue gun (930) for this. Before starting work, install a 7 mm glue stick in the tool. We recommend starting with the processing of the edges of the wings. Apply glue slowly, gently and little by little, so as not to spoil the down of the marabou. At the end of this stage, cover the entire cardboard surface of the marabou. Remember that large feathers are better fixed at the bottom of the wings, and smaller ones closer to the top.

Now it remains only to create a soft and airy surface of the manufactured wings. To achieve this effect, we cover the wings with marabou feathers from the inside of the blanks using the Dremel glue gun (930).