Lunar sowing calendar for June 2017 for the gardener, gardener and gardener - a table with favorable days for sowing in the phases of the moon

PKI17-001Gardeners, gardeners and flower growers who want to get high-quality returns from their backyard plots need to look in the sowing calendar for June 2017 and coordinate with them their activities. In the table for each day there is a detailed description of the necessary work with an indication of the dates when they will be carried out as efficiently as possible. The calculations were made regarding the lunar phases and on this basis the most favorable days for sowing, planting and all sorts of care measures for ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables and fruit crops.

Lunar sowing calendar for June 2017 for the gardener, gardener, florist by day - what to do on the site

The lunar sowing calendar tells in great detail about what gardeners, gardeners and flower growers need to do in June 2017. For each day, specific recommendations are given indicating the type of work required. Following these recommendations, it is possible to increase the efficiency of its activities at the site several times and, as a result, to get a larger and more impressive crop.


Daily lunar sowing calendar for June 2017 - what works to carry out

1, 2- mulch and spud vegetable planting. In the covered greenhouse stepson tomatoes and pinch cucumber vines.

3, 4- qualitatively cultivate the soil, loosen and mulch flowerbeds, weed open rows from weeds, form flower beds, fight with all kinds of garden pests and plant plants for common diseases. Watering is not carried out, as this can lead to rotting of the root system.

5, 6, 7- intensively feed fruit trees, carry out extra-root feeding of cucumbers and tomatoes, dive seedlings of two-year-olds.Dry trees are not felled, dead branches are not removed.

8- clean on the site, mark up the location of flower beds, struggling with seasonal pests.

9- pay attention to loosening the soil in vegetable beds and tie up the sprawling seedlings. No cultures are transplanted and other works with plants are not carried out.

10- Dig small bulbs of ornamental flowers, collect the seeds of seasonal plants, sprinkle berry bushes and fruit trees in the garden, cultivate weakened for the winter seedlings with intense growth stimulants and pinch crimson shoots. The beds do not pile and do not weed.

11, 12- root crops and bulbous plants are watered moderately, and leaf crops are very abundant. Loosen the soil in the open beds with bell peppers, feed the young carrots. Flowers do not transplant.

13, 14, 15- conduct planned treatment of the garden and vegetable garden against diseases and pests, spray plants with a health-giving vaccine, intensive growth stimulants and preparations that promote accelerated fruit formation. They chop and uproot old trees, cut off, pinch and plant children, collect medicinal herbs for subsequent drying.

16, 17- vegetables, fruit trees, berry bushes and flowers are plentifully watered and fed with a universal fertilizer. Gather the ripe fruits and process them for winter storage. Be sure to dig up the bulbs of decorative flowers and prepare them for the cold season.

18, 19- browsing the open beds of cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers and eggplants, removing yellowed leaves and weakened shoots, sprinkling young cabbage from aphids and caterpillars, cucumbers are treated from spider mites, pinching the raspberry shoots and mowing grass on the bed, and putting on the bed on the bed to put on the bed at the bed, and put on the bed on the bed, and then put on the bed on the bed, and then put on the bed on the bed, and then put on the bed on the bed, and then put on the bed on the bed, on the bed, and put on the bed on the bed, and then put on the bed, on the bed, and then put on the bed, on the bed, and then put on the bed, on the bed, and then put on the bed, on the bed, and then put on the bed on the bed, and then put on the bed on the bed, and then put on the bed on the bed, and then put on the bed at the bed, on the bed in the sun, on the bed, on the sun, on the bed in the sun.

20, 21- carry out the preparation of hay for autumn laying in greenhouses, bring compost into the soil and mulch the soil. They cut off the stem and root shoots, shorten the mustache of strawberries, spud the beds with leeks, and scoop the earth from the bulbs planted on the turnip. They fight weeds by chemical and manual methods, destroy garden pests and bring order to the site. In no case do not water the plants in the hot period of the day.

22, 23- stepson of vegetables of the family Solanaceae, form bushes of sweet and bitter pepper, pinch the whips from melons and the upper edges of the stalks of Brussels sprouts,they form new beds and transfer young strawberry whiskers to it, feed remontant strawberries, applying dry complex fertilizer and ashes to the ground. Decorative flowers in flowerbeds nourish with mineral dressing. No plants are watered, so as not to provoke root rot.

24- New Moon. No work directly with the plants do not hold. Instead, they remove the backyard plot, redevelop it, and repair broken household equipment.

25- equip and clean household buildings, repair garden tools, weed beds and flower beds, decorative flowers are watered moderately.

26, 27- harvest the garden berries, reasonably water the beds with Bulgarian and bitter peppers, pile up the cabbage, sow, plant in the open ground and dive plants resistant to drought and heat. Vigorously weed the beds, remove all weeds and preserve compost for the future.

28, 29- devote time to cleaning the territory, marking the tracks on the site and restoring broken inventory.

30- feed the plants with dry preparations, cut off fragrant and spicy herbs for drying.They transplant potted flowers, carry out seasonal seedling of roses and root young rosettes of garden strawberries. Neither the garden nor the garden is watered in order to avoid rotting of the root system.

Lunar calendar for June 2017 - moon phases, defining favorable days for planting different cultures

The lunar sowing calendar for June 2017 indicates the phases of the satellite of the Earth, which determine the most successful days for planting in open ground of certain crops and plants. The silver disk will grow from the 1st to the 8th, the 9th Full Moon will take place, and from the 10th to the 23rd of June the Moon will begin to slowly decrease. The New Moon will fall on 24, and already from 25 the heavenly body will again grow.


Based on this information, it can be said that periods from 1 to 8 and from 26 to 30 June will be favorable for planting land crops growing up, and from 10 to 22 for root crops. Only four days will be unsuitable for planting in June They are on 9, 23, 24 and 25 numbers.

Detailed planting calendar for June 2017 - table by day

Planting basil

The lunar sowing calendar for June 2017, presented in the form of a table is convenient for use and can always be at hand. It concentrates basic information on the necessary garden and garden work and indicates the most appropriate days for this.Information submitted in a brief, clear form, taking into account the lunar phases, the New Moon and the Full Moon. Having such a cheat sheet at hand, you can intelligently plan out-sowing measures at the site and carry them out with maximum efficiency.