Leonardo DiCaprio did not want to appear in "Titanic"

The Titanic’s 20th anniversary is an excellent opportunity to stock up with paper napkins and revise James Cameron's melodrama, during the filming of which young Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio did not spill water (and remain best friends to this day). You can imagine a world without an iPhone, but “Titanic” without Leo is impossible: in spite of the fact that by the beginning of the work on the film he already had several serious pictures (“The Life of this Guy”, “What Gilbert Grape Eats”, “ A total eclipse ”), the role of the 20-year-old artist, romance and vagabond Jack Dawson made him a sex symbol and the idol of millions. Ironically, it was from this role that DiCaprio was seriously going to give up: he told this in an interview with the E! News general producer of the film Ray Sanchini.