Knit yarn ottoman

Materials and tools:

  1. strong yarn;
  2. Spokes with a thickness of 3.5-5 mm and 15-20 mm;
  3. filler, depending on the filler used, an inner bag may be required.

Step 1

First, from knit yarn, knit “yarn for knitting ottoman” is a long strip with a width of 5-6 loops. Knitting should be fairly tight. And we wind the finished yarn into a big ball.

Step 2

From the finished yarn we will start knitting a padded stool, during knitting you can basically only use your hands, but how extra need may be thick (15-20 mm) knitting needles. Also, knitting should be tight.

First, knit the bottom of the ottoman — spiral the coil to the coil until the desired bottom diameter is obtained, then proceed to the formation of the walls, starting to knit, as if upwards.

When the walls of the pouf are ready and before knitting the upper part, you can begin to gradually fill the ottoman with filler.If you use felt filler, you will need to sew an additional inner bag. When the upper part of the ottoman is finished, add more filler and finish knitting.

An ottomanis ready. The ottoman is monolithic, so the quality of the filler used is very important in this case.