Kim Kardashian dined with a girl who bought her mansion for $ 18 million

Despite Kim's regrets that she had to use the services of a surrogate mother, the West Kardashian family is preparing for the appearance of the third kid in full swing: recently, Kim and Kanye bought a new house for $ 20 million. In a 1486-square-meter mansion that belonged to Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Maria, the couple plans to build two-story playrooms for children, a music studio and a full-size Dolby cinema (and a gym, basketball court, hairdresser and spa-in short, everything to not need the outside world at all).

Kanye and Kim acquired a new home 32 kilometers from their old mansion in Bel-Air, where they spent four years. He left under the hammer almost immediately after the announcement of the sale: even though the spouses put up a price of $ 18 million - and this is twice as much as the mansion cost originally - for him soon found a new owner.They became the wife of the co-founder of WhatsApp, 34-year-old businesswoman Marina Acton.

Mark the deal Marina and Kim went to Craig's restaurant in Los Angeles, at the exit of which the paparazzi were waiting for them: apparently, the girls were satisfied with the result of the meeting and parted in warm feelings. As Marina later explained in an interview, the purchase had no relation to the star status of Kim and Kanye: “I planned to spend more time in Los Angeles to make a singer’s career, and I was looking for a suitable place for a long time to build a recording studio. This house inspires creativity. ”