Jinxed: what to do?

The evil eye is nothing but the negative influence of one person’s energy on another. Every day we are faced with a huge number of people, some of whom are not very friendly towards us. But the cause of the evil eye can be not only fierce hatred. Sometimes just a bad look, and the evil eye is provided for you. Therefore, many ask questions: what to do to not jinx it? And if already jinxed, what to do? Run to the healers, put a candle in church, or can you try to do something yourself?

How to get rid of the evil eye

If you are sure that the cause of your troubles is that you have been jinxed, then the main thing you need to do is not to panic. Most often, the evil eye passes itself in two or three days, without any effort on your part. But if you are still set to get rid of him as soon as possible, or two or three days have passed, and you still feel unwell, then it is quite possible to try to do it yourself at home.

  • Any energy shake for the body is a great way to get rid of the evil eye.Therefore, take a contrast shower, go to the bath or simply do some hard physical work. Just know the measure. After all, your body is already depleted energetically after the evil eye.
  • If a cat lives in your house, this is also a definite plus. After all, cats are perfectly removed from the owners of someone else's negative energy and take it over. And do not worry about the cat, it will be all right. After all, these amazing creatures in some inexplicable way know how to transform negative energy.
  • Another way to get rid of the evil eye is geranium. Buy a few pots and place them in the places where you most often spend your time.
  • Church ringing (not in the record) also helps with the evil eye. It is enough to go to the church and listen to it. You need to defend the mass while reading prayers at this time. And if you suspect who has jinxed you, you can give him a candle “for health”.
  • And finally, you can take holy water, rub her face and body and then take a shower. Light a candle before bedtime. Sit in front of her for about 15 minutes. Look at the flame and read "Our Father."

Jinxed child: what to do

Any loving mother tries to protect her children from all life troubles, including from the evil eye.But what to do if your baby has already been jinxed, and now he cries a lot, is naughty and behaves restlessly for no apparent reason? Do not worry, there are several methods that will help you get rid of the evil eye.

  • Take the holy water and sprinkle with it the room and the cot in which the baby sleeps. Then the mother should take the same holy water, stand in the doorway and read Our Father three times. Next, you need to wash the baby three times and wipe his face with the hem of his clothes.
  • Type in a cup of water (you can any, but it is desirable that it was clean). Take a clean spoon (any: tea or table) and rinse them in this water. The number of spoons should be equal to the number of family members. Put this water in your mouth and sprinkle it crosswise on the child. The effect will be almost immediately.

And you can always protect your baby from the evil eye with a pin, which is attached to the inside of the garment with the head down.