Jennifer Lawrence says nothing will stand between her and the pizza

Publication from Jennifer Lawrence (@ jenniferlawrence.daily)August 21, 2018 at 9:09 PDT

“I don’t like to limit myself to eating, and I don’t understand those people who say:“ Oh, now I’m on a diet, I don’t eat this or that. ” I eat everything! It’s easier for me to catch up in the gym than to look at three leaves of lettuce on a plate, ”explained the 28-year-old actress in her usual manner. And although it may seem that this is not far from complete permissiveness, it’s not at all like this: Jennifer still observes a certain mode of training and nutrition when she wants to achieve the desired forms. So it was, for example, with advertising shootings for Dior, which took place in the pool. The main thing, Jen is sure, is that the desire to change your body comes really from you, and not from endless advisers from the outside.

Publication from Dior Official (@dior)Aug 27, 2018 at 1:29 PDT

"I am photographed when I do not ask for it, so there is additional pressure that makes you look better," the star of the Hunger Games admitted.In 2014, an unpleasant incident happened to her: Jennifer was among the celebrities whose phones were hacked by hackers and posted intimate photos not intended for prying eyes. Fortunately, more recently justice has been restored, and for the invasion of privacy, the attackers received a prison sentence of 8 to 18 months each.