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Its not just on British Airways

It's not just on British Airways

british airways low calorie dinner Alison Millington

  • I ordered a "low calorie" meal on a recent transatlantic British Airways flight for free — and I'll never eat the standard economy food again.
  • There are a number of special meals you probably didn't realise you could order.
  • Ordering a special meal also means you get served first.
  • Scroll down to see BA's full list of special meals — but you can get them on most major airlines.

From booking a seat in the exit row to paying to use an airport lounge, there are a number of things you can do to make your economy flight experience more bearable.

On the return leg of a recent roundtrip flight from London to Toronto with British Airways, I decided, for the first time, to actually pay attention to my booking options and order a "special meal."

No, I'm not vegan or vegetarian, and I don't have any allergies — I simply wanted to test out something other the standard fare I've always wolfed down.

As it turns out, there are plenty of options you may not have realised exist — and they're free to order online as soon as you've confirmed your booking.

Going 'low calorie'

I opted for the "low calorie" option, since, as I do the London to Toronto flight often, I always land feeling like I've eaten far too much with hours of the day still to go.

According to BA, this option should be "low in fat and sugar with a reduced portion of protein."

The dinner, pictured above, was noticeably more fresh than the standard economy meal, which is always "four-course" on a long-haul flight.

I was given "Chicken Fillet with Spinach Crust," served with a bit of pasta in a plain tomato sauce and broccoli, along with a bean salad, some fruit, a whole grain roll, and a bottle of water.

The pasta dish may not look like much, and was relatively bland, but it tasted surprisingly fresh and didn't make me feel ill shortly afterwards.

Alison Millington

On a long-haul economy flight with BA, you get a "light meal" — breakfast, basically — before you reach your destination.

While everyone around me received a slice of sugary-looking cake, I was given some more fruit, apple juice, and a small muffin.

Alison Millington

Another low-calorie option might mean a breakfast like turkey rashers, mushrooms, spinach, and baked beans, according to the airline.

Your food arrives first

While I was glad I'd ordered the slightly healthier food for the sake of my body, the best part of ordering a special meal is the fact that your food will always arrive first.

Cabin crew hand out pre-ordered food before they start with regular meal service — meaning you're often finished eating and already asleep before your neighbour has even been giving their choice of "chicken or beef."

And, if you book an exit row seat, the drinks service will also start in your row — meaning you can get your complimentary wine ahead of everyone else, too.

There are plenty of other options

If low calorie doesn't sound up your street, BA provided me with the full list of other special meals available on most long-haul flights — or on short-haul flights if you're flying business class.

Here are your options, with some example dishes:

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarian
    • Does not contain meat, fish or seafood. May contain dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese and eggs.
  • Vegan vegetarian
    • Does not contain meat, fish, fowl, eggs, honey, dairy products or derivatives.
    • Example: Vegan Thai curry.
  • Asian/Hindu vegetarian
    • A meat-free, spicy meal. Does not contain fish, shellfish, meat, poultry or eggs.
  • Muslim
    • Does not contain pork, by-products of pork, or ingredients containing alcohol. All meats come from ritually slaughtered animals.
  • Kosher
    • Prepared to comply with Jewish dietary laws.
  • Child meal
    • "Familiar and fun food" for children. May contain beef and pork products.
    • Example: Five Spice Butternut Squash Frittata
  • Diabetic
    • Does not contain sugars, syrups, jams, cakes and chocolate, unless they're specific diabetic varieties to help you manage your blood sugar levels.
    • Example: Chicken Ciabatta
  • Gluten intolerant
    • Does not contain wheat, wheat flour, barley oats, rye, bread, cakes (unless wheat free), pastry, sausages or any flour-based products.
    • Example: Chicken Basquaise
  • Low fat
    • A high-fibre meal with reduced fat.
    • Example dish: Poached Cod &Herbs
  • Lowsalt
    • Doesnotcontainsalt,MSGandbakingsoda/powder.Instead,themealisflavouredwithherbsandspices.
    • Example:LemonandSultanaPancakeswithMapleSyrup
  • Lowlactose
    • Doesnotcontaincheese,dairyproductsandtheirderivatives,lactoseormilkproducts.


The Taste of Britain meal from British Airways' exclusive menu. British Airways

If you can't afford to splurge on a first class ticket, but appreciate the finer things, you can also pay to order from the "exclusive" online menu between 30 days and 24 hours before your flight.

Ranging from £15 to £18, the meals include the likes of a "Gourmet Dining" option featuring poached king prawns, braised Herefordshire beef cheek, and a chocolate ganache bar with passion fruit coulis and crushed, toasted hazelnuts, or a "Taste of Britain" meal featuring Loch Fyne smoked salmon, slow-roasted Wiltshire pork belly, summer berry pudding with Cornish clotted cream, and cheese and crackers.

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