Inferiority complex: how to get rid of?

An inferiority complex is formed when a person is convinced that he does not meet generally accepted standards and norms in any parameters. A person feels his own uselessness and discrepancy, comparing himself with a low-quality commodity, which will soon be thrown to the dump.

The feeling of inferiority arises in some in a difficult life period, when the problem can not be managed for a long time. Others feel inferior continuously. Not rational conviction in the superiority of others does not allow to live fully, but the question “how to get rid of the complex?” Does not come out of my head. A complex man is too self-critical and humiliates himself. What is the essence of the inferiority complex and how to get rid of it?

The inferiority complex is the first cause of neurosis. Get rid of the ballast and live fully!

Causes and symptoms of an inferiority complex

The causes of the inferiority complex lie in childhood.The sensation arises, if the person since the childhood has lacks of physiology. A complex member of society is grown by the parents themselves with increased care, which does not allow the child to learn to act and live independently. But the lack of parental attention is fraught with the development of the complex.

One negative situation may sow the grain of the inferiority complex, and a dysfunctional family life, lack of luck, constant criticism and negative suggestions of others will develop this feeling to the maximum limits.3

A complexed person behaves defiantly, draws attention to his own person and poorly adapts to society. A person with an inferiority complex is afraid to make a mistake and often suffers from social phobia due to speech problems. It is worth noting that it is more difficult to notice signs of an inferiority complex in men than in women. This is due to the presence in their lives of attributes of success and respectability - expensive cars, high-paying position, expensive costumes.

What is an inferiority complex in reality?

Complexity acts as a splinter.To the discomfort of the "splinter" does not interfere with life, a person puts on a social mask. The surface image is shown to others, but in fact the person’s identity is diametrically opposite.

The inferiority complex is engendered by fears and insecurities. A person experiences that his superficial image will not stand the onslaught of the world around him and he will face his own uncertainty face to face. False social masks protect people from their own worthlessness and uselessness. In the advanced cases of the inferiority complex, all the signs of megalomania, and sometimes of aggression and tyranny, appear in a person.

In fact, a person with an inferiority complex with all his heart dreams that there will be those people who will take him along with all the features and “cockroaches”. He himself wants to accept himself with all the flaws in order to stop practicing self-flagellation. The complexed person expects praise and approval from others.4

Having dissolved in a sense of inferiority, a person will be what is called a loser. He relishes the unrealization and buries in it.Complicated people are unhappy, regardless of status and financial situation.

People with an inferiority complex are often envious and experience joy when others suffer a fiasco.

12 steps of getting rid of an inferiority complex

Negative feelings of inferiority must be eliminated. By following simple recommendations and advice, you will be able to overcome the complexes and begin to think and look at life positively. So:

Dig in the memories and determine at what point the development of the complex began. Find a memory in the memory of the situation that you are traumatized and analyze it. Answer: what emotions did you experience then? What did you think after an unpleasant situation? How much has the situation affected your feelings and thoughts? How long did you worry about the incident? The complex has been developing since childhood. Now that you are an adult, it's time to reassess. Write the negative beliefs with which you go through life in a column on a piece of paper. On the contrary, indicate a new positive interpretation of negative quality. Suppose that the negative belief that has become the basis of the complex is a lack of appearance (long nose, big ears, scar, etc.).Point on the other side of the sheet than it is compensated for (beautiful smile, expressive look, slim figure, etc.). Destroy the negative part of the sheet, and reread the second one daily until positive beliefs become your norm.

  • Watch your own thinking.

Internal dialogue should take place on a positive note. If negative beliefs arise in your head, immediately change them to positive or at least neutral ones. Think of your own character, appearance and behavior only from a positive point of view. Without changing the way of thinking it is impossible to abstract from the complex.

  • Do a self analysis.

All people have strong and weak character traits. Analyze yourself. Knowing your own strong qualities, you will more easily react to critical statements of others. Please note that there must be more positive qualities than negative sides. If you have any problems, ask for help from friends and relatives.2

  • Recognize the negative side.

Ignoring flaws will not lead to anything positive. Character weaknesses need to be known and accepted, but there is no need to experience an inferiority complex in this regard.Anyone has unpleasant traits, but only by recognizing them, you can overcome the negative sides.

  • Focus on the merits of character.

Whenever an inferiority complex takes precedence over a situation, remember positive qualities. Consciously shift attention to the dignity of one's own personality. Act aggressively and soon you will notice that self-esteem has increased and the complex is defeated.

  • Do not take criticism to heart.

Criticism is the subjective judgment of other people and nothing more. In a critical statement, there may be a fair share of justice worth listening to, but do not forget that the opinions of others are not the ultimate truth.

The reason for the inferiority complex is not in the statements of others, but in your own thoughts on this matter.

  • Watch your surroundings.

Cheerful and positive people set up others in an optimistic way. Communication with them supports in difficult moments and gives inspiration for new accomplishments and the development of one's own life.

  • Do not avoid communicating with people.

Complexed people avoid contact with others. They are kept and closed.See fear in the face and do not invent imaginary reasons in an attempt to avoid communication. Following this advice, you will notice that people are quite positive towards you and do not criticize you.

  • Constantly develop.

Engage in physical, intellectual, and spiritual development continuously. Learn new things yourself, read books, attend courses and trainings. Developing, you will become an interesting conversationalist, and your self-esteem will increase.

  • Find a role model or an idol.

An example to follow can be a person from the inner circle, the hero of a book or movie, a celebrity. Analyze the traits of his character that attract you. Periodically assume this role, and gradually you will notice that the idol’s merits will eventually become yours.

  • Read optimistic literature.

Positive books with a positive storyline will set you on an optimistic wave. After a good literature, the thoughts are colored in bright shades. Inspired by the books of Anthony Robbins, Anatoly Nekrasov and other authors.

Record events of the day, your own achievements and positive moments in a personal diary or blog.Allocate at least 10 minutes daily for this.

Change your own thinking and outlook on life. You will not get rid of feelings of inferiority, lack of complexes and negative thoughts, if you do not put effort into it.