Imitation of granite masonry

Monotonously painted walls are, you see, boring. Much more interesting is the painting in several colors. We bring to your attention a master class on painting the surface with an imitation of bulk granite masonry. And you don’t need to be an outstanding artist or decorator to make such a simple painting with your own hands - you need a minimum of materials and your desire to “create.”
imitation of granite masonry
Tools and dyes: • White water-based paint • 3 types of color schemes: beige, olive and black • Masking paper tape • Foam roller • • Thin brush • • Paint tray Pre-prepared the wall (puttied and primed) should be applied a base coat of paint. Mix the beige color and white water emulsion. Pour the dye in the bath and roll it on the surface using a foam roller.It is best and more correct to apply the base in 2 layers.
 Tools and Dyes
Give the paint time to dry completely. Then glue masking tape so that stripes of different size and thickness are obtained.
 glue masking tape
Glue paper tape on the level or mark the dashed lines with a pencil which can withstand the horizon and vertical stripes.
 mark with a pencil
Make a new batch of dye: add to the remaining beige Evu paint olive color and mix thoroughly until smooth. Dip the roller in the paint and roll the marked strip between the tape. Surplus paint will remain on paper and the stripes will turn out smooth.
 Make a new batch of dye
Let the olive tone dry and remove the adhesive tape. Then extend the color of the bands that the paint did not hit in the same way (adhesive tape + roller).
 remove scotch
After that,as the olive strips dry, make the 3rd portion of the dye: add quite a bit of black color to the remaining olive beige. You should get a nice gray shade (as you can see, the previous dye is used to the fullest, so try to calculate the amount of paint correctly). Dip a thin brush slightly into the paint and apply color by “trimming.”
 apply color by clipping
To complete the" picture ", you need to give a volume to our" masonry ": draw the same gray line with the same fine brush, imitating the shadow of "granite."