Human ambition and ambition

What are ambitions?

Ambition is an ambiguous concept that everyone interprets in his own way. Different quality associations complement the differences. Ambitions manifest themselves in businessmen who are ready to do anything for the sake of profit, career, people who make efforts, who show the desire to achieve their goals. Which option to consider?

Ambition is a desire to reach the heights in life, on which few people climb, sharpened pride, increased self-esteem.

This character trait has positive and negative sides, because manifestation in society and human relations are different.

Definitions of ambition are not on the same side. What causes this situation? Why is this situation? How to use ambitions correctly when they turn into ambition, which is a flaw?

Human ambition and ambition

Several centuries ago, people perceived ambitions in negative forms. Times change, because the terms and concepts acquire new shades. Despite this, the term "ambition" when translated from the Latin language has a negative connotation.It is assumed that an ambitious person thinks only of material, financial gain and is ready to give up positive, natural values ​​to meet the needs. However, to consider the concept from a negative point of view in the XXI century should not.

Under the influence of capitalism, the inhabitants of Europe, regardless of representatives according to the level of financial support, begin to use the concept of an “ambitious person” differently. It is believed that the person reached the heights in the chosen niche, earned a large sum of money, became famous in his surroundings or on the city, country.

Ambitions lead to the desire to achieve heights in the chosen direction, to win fame and success.

The concept is associated with vanity, which leads to the appearance of a negative hue. The society does not notice that the two categories of character traits are interconnected, as a result of which the interpretation becomes confusing. The emergence of associations occurs under the influence of Western films and TV shows, including the stories that take place in Russia in the 21st century. The interpretation of the concept must be multifaceted in order to understand how far a person is ready to go in order to achieve the goals set, at what angle ambitions appear.

American scientists conducted a study with obvious conclusions. An ambitious person strives for success and recognition, faces stressful situations and negative emotions towards surrounding people, circumstances, obstacles. Chronic fatigue leads to wear and tear of the body, the approach of death. Peers who do not have significant success, live longer and feel inner happiness.

Ambitions without result turn into an empty sound. Efforts are required to achieve the goals, achieve the desired results. It is not enough to understand that ambitions are present if they are not realized for development in the chosen direction. Ambitions in the beginning of life are absent, but the socialization of the individual leads to their appearance. Strengthening occurs under the influence of established contacts, success in the area of ​​interest. It is difficult to find a way out of this situation: a person has achieved his goals, wants to set big goals, since he has manifested himself on the same level. Ambitions take up, do not stimulate effective work activities, do not push for development, but become a threat to the individual.American scientists point out that ambitious people are less likely to marry because they have set clear, clear priorities in front of them, abandon everything for the sake of career advancement. People lose themselves, cease to appreciate happiness.

Human ambition and ambition

The desire for success in any area, the receipt of money comes selfishness, which manifests itself in full. Selfishness can be useful if it is under strict control, as it would otherwise affect mental health.

Ambitions come from the positive and negative side. Each person decides for himself, in what direction to move. Everyone has the opportunity to use quality to stimulate action, development, and not for the appearance of megalomania, increased self-esteem and other threatening qualities.

Ambitious man: features of character

An ambitious person has self-esteem and high self-esteem. Ambitions appear at different levels, because sometimes the presence of this characteristic indicates the discovery of favorable development opportunities. At the same time, there are dangerous situations when ambition is desirable to increase to obtain heights.

A person with low ambitions is not confident in his abilities, therefore he is hiding from responsible tasks and is not able to face difficulties face to face. Man does not achieve heights in life. The current situation, regardless of its features, suits. The desire for development is absent.

A person who has inflated ambitions exaggerates his potential, does not choose the right tasks, does not know how to set goals. He is convinced of the amazing inclinations that must be assessed by society. Useful tips for development are not perceived correctly, are not used.

What are adequate ambitions? Is the use of such a character trait inherent?

Adequate person sets feasible goals with the possibility of successful achievement, understands how to develop to realize their potential, developed skills.

The character lacked envy, the desire to show significance. A person easily establishes working contacts, gains respect.

Human ambition and ambition

Psychologists note that potential and ambition are laid in childhood. The scheme of upbringing, the reaction to the child's success lead to results that are manifested with time.Active praise leads to high ambitions, not able to be useful for the development and achievement of the objectives, understanding of the present situation. Neglect of the first successes leads to low ambitions, cowardice and inability to move in any direction. Adequate ambitions require a healthy, correct response to achievement.

What is an ambition?

Arrogance (derived from the Latin word "honor") is a negative trait of an individual, which manifests itself in the form of vanity.

Vanity is the pursuit of vain glory that does not have any weight. This human disadvantage is significant, as it spoils life, leads to problems. A person does not realize the problem he has encountered, therefore he cannot adequately assess his situation and development prospects. The creative and talented people who lead an active lifestyle in public usually have their ambition and vanity. People try to achieve success in any area of ​​life, move in the career direction, look great, keep a beautiful appearance. Conscientious people with ambition have the desire for fame popularity, although usually these privileges are not deserved.

The ambitions of such people go beyond any limits, as they are constantly seeking admiration, praise and glory.

Vanity, ambition lead to the emergence of another negative manifestation of character: pride. Scales are not subject to any restrictions.

How does vanity manifest itself?

Vanity manifests itself in different situations of life, is useful and harmful. What determines the manifestation of the ambiguous characteristics of an individual?

Vanity initially becomes an assistant for man, contributes to its development. On the basis of this quality, people begin useful undertakings, including training, mastering the chosen profession, and defending a thesis. Developing in the chosen direction and controlling the character trait, the achievement of success is guaranteed.

A vanity in a person who is in the grip of feeling leads only to the good of himself. Achievements, financial and material success are required for recognition by other people, the emergence of pride and pride, the allocation among the people around them.

Vanity leads to the futility of a person who does not think about the benefits to other people and society.Favorable changes turn in favor of one person. At the same time, a conceited person is useless for himself, since the negative side of character does not cause emotions in other people, therefore sincere emotions are impossible.

Human ambition and ambition

What signs does a conceited person have?

A vain person, who has ambition and high ambitions, is distinguished by behavior allowing him to come to a conclusion about his character.

  1. There is no receptivity of criticism. The reaction is aggressive. True criticism, which is useful and good, causes negative feelings.
  2. A person seeks to hear pleasant words about himself, regardless of whether they are sincere.
  3. Vain man used to talk a lot about achievements and plans, opportunities. Actions in this case should not be expected.
  4. Events revolve around one person.

How to avoid ambition and ambition, vanity?

To protect yourself from vanity and high ambitions is possible, if you follow the recommendations, control the character.

  • Vanity and ambitions manifest themselves in successful people who lose control of reality.Significant success should not lead to disastrous consequences. Stay open to criticism of people who deserve respect, serve as an example. Criticism is every person. Correct, tactful remarks, recommendations will relieve from ambitions and pride, will show shortcomings and gaps in development. Remember that cultivation is an ongoing process.
  • Noting the desire to become famous, decide on the basis. What achievements will serve as the basis of fame? What people deserve authority? Do not strive for empty glory.
  • The consequences of vanity, ambition and high ambitions are deplorable. Remember the risks. Vanity and ambition lead to serious disappointments, because a person ceases to realize the shortcomings, concentrates on imaginary success, losing real happiness. Deception, flattery become close and dangerous companions. As the situation evolves, the risk of a collision with failures that can hurt the soul, break hopes, lead to loss of accumulated, and disappointment in life increases.

Human ambition and ambition

  • Try to act in the chosen direction, replacing with actions unnecessary, dangerous traits of character, which under favorable conditions can be used to achieve possible goals corresponding to the potential, level of development.Make an effort not to worsen the character, but to achieve the desired result, wishing to win the fight against the negative traits of character that can be useful at first.
  • You must set clear and realistic goals, understanding their meaningfulness. Noble motives are a worthy base. Keep your self-esteem and clean conscience, do not go over your heads for success. Strive for moral satisfaction.

Do not demand glorification of works, do not play on ambitions, do not reward yourself for achievements. Get ready for continuous self-development, addressing gaps in knowledge and skills. Strive for full success, which is well-deserved, respect for the people around them.