How to write the exam in Russian language

How to write the exam in Russian languageOne of the two mandatory exams is a written exam in the Russian language. Therefore, obtaining a high score on the Unified State Exam in Russian almost guarantees the graduate admission to the university. It is necessary to prepare for the Russian State Exam in advance, as it is necessary to remember or re-learn a large number of rules on spelling and punctuation. And in order to understand how the exam in Russian looks and passes, it is recommended to work out the exam tasks of last year, as well as training tests online that will help to adequately assess the level of knowledge.

What is the exam on the Russian language

The tasks of the exam in Russian are divided into two levels of difficulty:

  • The first level of difficulty is basic: it consists of 24 tasks of an open type - it is required to choose one correct answer from several proposed options
  • The second level of complexity is complex: it contains an open type task with a detailed answer, namely, it is necessary to write a short essay-discourse on the proposed text

How to write the exam in Russian language

For more information about the structure of the EGE on the Russian language and the evaluation criteria you can see here.

How to pass the exam on the Russian language. Helpful Tips

If for successfully solving the tasks of the Unified State Exam in Russian of the 1 level of complexity theoretical knowledge of the rules of the Russian language, which are studied throughout the school curriculum, is required, then with 2 levels of complexity many schoolchildren have difficulties. A writing that must be written from a read text requires a creative approach from the student. This task shows the ability of the examiner to analyze the content of the text, the ability to understand and reveal the main meaning, and also reveals the level of culture and education of the prospective entrant.