How to write an application for a day off?

Julia Martynyuk
Julia Martynyuk
March 19, 2013
How to write an application for a day off?

In any case, sooner or later, a person has a situation where he can not go to work. Either problems of a personal nature, family circumstances, or just want to rest after having worked on an official holiday, so that everything is fair. That is why, each person needs to know how to write an application for a day off, otherwise it will be impossible to receive it.

Day off for overtime work

If you want to get a legal rest for coming to work at the wrong time, then you need to write a statement to the authorities about this. Thus, the employer does not have the right to refuse you. An order must be made for your day off. Be sure to write in your application how many days or hours you have processed and how many days you need to rest. Also indicate which days you choose for the day off. But do not forget that for them you will not receive payment from above.

Time off at own expense

Now let's talk about the application at its own expense.The day off, in this case, as a rule, is taken for one or several days. In the Labor Code of the Russian Federation there is no such thing as “time off at your own expense”, it is more correct to say that this is unpaid leave. When compiling an application for granting time off, remember that time off at your own expense cannot last more than 14 calendar days and is given only if there is a good reason:

  • Birth of a child,
  • Wedding,
  • The funeral of a close relative.

How to make a statement

  • Write an application for leave without pay in the name of the director of the organization. This document is made in writing.
  • On a standard A4 sheet at the top, in the right corner, specify the details of the sender and recipient. Use the format "from whom" - "to".
  • Specify the name of your company, name of the head and the position of the employer.
  • Then write what position you occupy, the name of the structural unit where you perform your duties and your full name.
  • In the middle of the document write the word: "Statement".
  • Begin the statement with the appeal "Please provide me." Select the option for the day off.
  • Instead of the word “day off” write “an additional day off due to working overtime”. Be sure to include the date you reworked.
  • Explain, at the expense of which from holidays, you want to take a weekend, it can be an annual paid vacation. Most importantly, write what day (date) you want to release from work.
  • Under the application, put your signature and the date when you made it.
  • Give the finished document to the supervisor so that he will put the painting.
  • Take the application to the secretary so that he can register it with the incoming document.

So a statement is made - time off on account of vacation and time off without pay.