How to withdraw money from a megaphone?

Ekaterina Chabanyuk
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How to withdraw money from a megaphone?

Situations in life happen different. It so happens that the money that is urgently needed in cash, is only on the mobile phone account. And the question of how to cash these funds. is relevant to many.

How to withdraw money from a megaphone? There is a method of withdrawing funds from a mobile phone account, and not one. For this there are specialized services, although the commission for such a service is rather big there. After the appearance of such services, some mobile operators, in order not to lose money, organized a cash-withdrawal system within their company. Among the operators, allowing to withdraw money from the phone, Megaphone too.

Megafon�s website has a �Money Transfer� service, through which money can be withdrawn, for example, to a Webmoney or Yandex-money wallet, and then cash out in the usual way. You can also withdraw money via the Unistream money transfer system and receive it at the nearest bank.

detailed instructions

Let's take a closer look at how to withdraw money from a Megaphone. Suppose you decide to cash money on the system Unistream. To do this, go to the company's website, in the �Money Transfer� service, select the address of the bank branch where you are going to receive money, and send an SMS message. It is necessary to indicate the amount of payment, your surname, name and patronymic, as well as the number of the item in which you want to receive cash. In a few minutes you will receive an SMS message confirming the payment. It will also contain the password that you will need at the bank when you receive money. Immediately after this message you can go to the bank for cash. Just do not forget your passport: without it, the money will not be given to you even if you have a password.

Other ways to cash out

In addition to the considered, so to speak, official way of withdrawing money from the phone, there are other, so-called exchangers. There, everything happens as follows: find the necessary service on the Internet (good thing, there are many), and register. When registering, you specify the number of your Webmoney wallet (many of these services only work with this system), choose a country and operator.Once registered, you send SMS to the specified short number. You will immediately receive an SMS with a code that must be entered into the form to confirm the request. After all these procedures, the amount you have indicated is written off from your account. And within 9 days it will be credited to your specified web wallet. Remember that there are restrictions on the withdrawal of funds from one number: for example, no more than $ 90 per hour.