How to weave beautiful pigtails?

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How to weave beautiful pigtails?

Today braids are at the peak of popularity. If earlier it was considered to be an exclusively daily option, then today hairstyles with braids can be seen during celebrations.

For many women and girls, the braid becomes a way to bring something new into their familiar image. Masters of hairdressing offer a variety of hairstyles with braids, so you can choose exactly what suits you. It's nice that braids can be made not only by the owners of long hair, but also by girls with medium-length hair.

There are a few simple guidelines on how to weave beautiful pigtails. Having understood them, you will be able to create various hairstyles, both everyday and more elegant.

Three strand braid

The easiest way to weave a braid is a three-strand braid. You can do it without help. First you need to comb all your hair and divide them into three equal strands.

Hold two strands in your left hand, but so that the hair does not mix, but are separated, in the right hand there is one strand.Place the strand of hair from the right hand over the middle strand and take it and the middle strand in your right hand. In this case, the middle strand should be extreme.

You should have one strand in your left hand and two in the right, and one should lie on top of the other. Now put a strand from your left hand on top of the middle strand and hold these two strands in your left hand.

These actions need to be repeated until you finish the braid.

How beautiful weave pigtails: make a spikelet

Before you learn to weave a spike, learn how to weave a braid of three strands, since the principle is quite similar. The advantage of the spikelet is that this hairstyle lasts all day on the hair, not disintegrating. Spikelet you can do yourself, but for this you need to practice.

To facilitate the weaving of the spikelet, slightly wet your hair so that it does not scatter and lie more evenly.

Comb all the hair back and take a strand of hair at the beginning of their growth on the forehead. Carefully separate it from other hair and pull it back. Divide it into two parts and cross it: the right strand should be in the left hand, and the left below it - in the right.

Now gently with your left hand on the left side of the head a small strand, place it on top of the right strand and attach to the bottom, that is, shift it into your right hand.Now, just as well, take a strand from the right side of the head and place it over the strand in your left hand. Continue to weave until all hair is in a braid.

To make the spikelet more beautiful, take small strands of hair.

French braid

Another basic way to weave a pigtail is a three-dimensional or French braid. If you watched the video how to weave beautiful pigtails, you must have seen hairstyles using this weave. It is quite simple, but it looks very impressive.

As with the spikelet, comb the hair back and take a small strand from above. Divide it into three parts and make two crosses, as in a regular pigtail.

And now begins the "magic". From the right side of the head, take a small strand of hair and attach it again to the right strand. Cross it from the middle one, then take a little hair from the left side of the head to the left strand and cross again. That is, you weave an ordinary braid, constantly attaching a little hair to the strands from the same side of the head where the strand is located.

So you need to do as long as you do not weave all your hair in a braid.