How to wear a fashionable bustier dress?

Dress - an integral part of women's wardrobe. And a real woman should have more than one. Today we will talk about things that can emphasize your charm at any celebration, and add a touch of elegance to everyday images. This is a bustier dress. Its history began from ancient times, and its popularity has not diminished until today.

Chest focus

To begin, let's see what is a bustier dress. This is an open strapless thing that can have a straight or full skirt. The main “trick” of such clothes, of course, is sexuality.

And the undoubted plus is that any woman can wear it, regardless of age and body size. Of course, if you make the right choice. Here are some useful tips from stylists:

  1. For girls with a magnificent bust, cutouts in the shape of a heart will suit, they beautifully emphasize the chest and shoulders. And in order to hide the extra kilos on the stomach and hips, it is worth stopping the choice on models with high waist, knee-length or half-length.
  2. The owners of the “hourglass” figure should choose a dress with a full skirt or a trapezoidal shape to balance the shoulders.
  3. For those who are worried about the small size of the chest, you can pick up a thing with a bodice compacted, volume will also give draperies and ruffles.

Create a stylish look

Now it's time to figure out what can be combined with such a frank, but at the same time elegant outfit:

  1. The classic version is black or solid-colored shoes, a minimal set of jewelry, and a small clutch. If it's cool outside, you can add an image with a jacket or jacket with a sleeve ¾, which should be combined in color with shoes.
  2. City chic. Do not be surprised, but a short bustier dress, long to mid-thigh with a fluffy skirt can be combined with tight pants. From shoes fit shoes with low wide heels or ballet flats. A leather jacket or a denim sleeveless jacket can be added to the top.
  3. Street style. Particularly brave girls can experiment and wear a loose blouse or a thin knitted sweater under such a dress. Will complement all snickers or sneakers.

But at the same time, stylists consider the bustier as an independent fashionable unit, and recommend complementing it with a handbag and a pair of comfortable shoes.

In the cold season it can be worn, wearing over a bolero, a jacket or throwing a wide tippet.

Shoes and accessories

As for shoes, here it is necessary to proceed from two conditions - the reason and the length of the dress. A thing on the floor will look great with sandals on a low speed, and short models look great with shoes on a low heel.

Stiletto shoes are suitable for evening and ceremonial exits. A dress-bustier from denim or knitwear can be complemented even with sporty moccasins or slip-ons. Who would suit such an option? All girls who are “not friendly” with heels, but want to look feminine.

With accessories it is also important not to overdo it. Depending on the type of neckline, you can choose beads or pendant on a long chain. Bracelets will help to emphasize the fragility of the hands, but it is worth considering that putting on them, it is better to refuse necklace accessories.


Another important point to consider is a bra. If you can not refuse it, then you need to pick up an invisible bra or special silicone cups that will help support the breast. If you choose a regular bra, then its cups should be smooth, without printed patterns or lace, so that they are not noticeable under the outfit.

And the last thing you need to pay attention to - the dress-bustier provides a fairly large number of open areas of the body. That's why the chest, shoulders and hands should be in perfect condition, and tan - even and beautiful. If, after resting on the beach, you have light marks from the straps of the swimsuit, it is better to choose another model.

The dress-bustier is an elegant and feminine outfit that is sure to attract attention. Your task in this case is to wear it with dignity.

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