What to wear a cage?

Things in a cage are quite popular, but also specific, so you need to properly combine them with other clothes in order not to look silly. What to wear a cage? This is a very common question among people who love Arafat women, plaid shirts and pants, and other such things. If you ask yourself this question, then we offer you a few rules that will help you understand what to wear with the cage.

How to wear clothes in a cage: the rules

  • The first golden rule: you can not combine several checkered things at once. Firstly, it is always a clear overkill, and secondly, the cell is a bright accent, which should be one, respectively, and if you focus on the shirt, on the pants, and on something else, this is wrong. If you nevertheless decided on such a step as a combination of several checkered things in one ensemble, then be careful and make sure that the cell on one and the other does not differ in size between each other. Also try to choose such colors so that at least several cells on one thing and another match in color.
  • The second rule - try to combine checkered things with monophonic things. With such clothes the cage will look the most advantageous.
  • The third rule is the color of the cell. Choose the cell colors that suit you. Black and white cell fits all.
  • The fourth rule - pay attention to accessories. Small ornaments are very well combined with checkered things. No need to wear all the jewelry at once, select 1-2.
  • The fifth rule is shoes. This is the option when you should shine on a high, even very high stiletto. Now it needs more than ever, because the stud and checkered things look together simply irresistible. Dare!
  • The sixth rule is a bag. It is also a very important accessory. Checkered things look good with most bags. Large, small, bags of unusual shape, bright and pastel colors - any one will suit the cage. Therefore, you can safely choose a bag that suits your mood more.

And how to wear a shirt in a cage correctly? Everyone thinks that it is very difficult to find trousers or shoes for a checked shirt, but in reality everything is simple. What to wear with a cage if it's a shirt? For wearing such a shirt, plain trousers that match the color of the shirt are well suited.Stiletto or heel shoes and a variety of bags will also help you to complete the look.

Recently, checkered trousers have become fashionable. But, unfortunately, it is not necessary for everyone to wear such pants, but only for those who have a beautiful figure with no visible flaws. But even such people need to be very careful about the large cage, and the trousers themselves should fit perfectly.

We gave you some tips on what to wear a cage with. On the one hand, the cage has its own requirements, and if you miss with the choice of clothing for an ensemble with a cage, you will look ridiculous. However, on the other hand, the cell is fairly democratic, it fits to completely different, but at the same time monotonous things. In addition, the cell itself is universal and looks beautiful, so the items in the cell perfectly complement the wardrobes of many people. Pick up a few suitable things for clothes in a cage and wear with pleasure!