How to wean a dog to crap?

As soon as you start a four-legged friend, immediately on the agenda is the question of how to disaccustom the dog to crap, or rather, how to disaccustom the dog to crap at home. Raising an animal must be practiced from the first days of its appearance in your life. It should be remembered that each dog is unique, each requires its own approach and, of course, its own method of exposure.

Method One - Newspaper

This method of exposure, or rather the teaching of a dog not to crap, is suitable for very small, 2-3-month-old puppies. As soon as the puppy made a puddle on the floor, it should be covered with newspapers that absorb all the moisture. Then clean newspapers need to be expanded in an apartment in several places. But above all, there must always be a newspaper marked - let the puppy smell it.

After eating or sleeping, when the dog is most often ready for defecation, it is referred to newspapers, which change from time to time, but there is always a newspaper marked on top.

The number of newspaper dog toilets gradually decreases as the puppy gets used to order.Newspapers remain only in those places that the dog likes most.

And carrot, and carrot

Weaning a dog to shit, you should act by the method of carrot and stick. In no case do not need to shout at the dog. She understands so badly what is wanted of her. A scream can negate all your previous efforts. But to encourage, praise the dog, on the contrary, should be. If your pet, despite all your efforts, spoiled where it shouldn’t have been, take him to the right place, talking to him in a quiet but stern voice.

Method two - teach to go to the tray

To do this, you need to buy two drugs in the pet store: anti-gadin and any drug for toilet training. The anti-badger needs to moisten all the space except for the tray and the place where the tray will stand. One or two drops of the drug for toilet training should be dropped into the tray itself.

Bathroom - a place for dog toilets

Some owners teach their four-legged pets to defend the need in the bathroom, where it is easier to remove dog feces from the tiled floor. After sleeping and eating, they take the dogs to the bathroom, wait for them to do their business there, praise the pets,if they themselves go to this place chosen by their masters.

Dog - dog's place

In general, a dog in the house should have its place. Somewhere, say, not far from the front door. As a rule, it is a fenced corner, where there is a house, a tray, a feeding trough, a drinking bowl. If you leave the puppy in the pen and go to work, then upon returning you will of course be waited by puddles and piles in the voltaire, but, thank God, not on the floor and not on the carpet.

To walk means to defend

Older puppies of those discussed so far, that is 3-4-5 months old, should be gradually taught to the idea that dogs on the street not only walk, but also celebrate their need there. Therefore, they should be taken out for a walk at the same time, but no later than half an hour after eating. At first, the dogs will look around, get used to the setting. They still do not know that on the street you can not only frolic, but also do your own thing. Therefore, for safety net indoors, let them still waiting for the tray. Having got used to it, they will realize that it is a pleasure for the owner to see that his dog is fulfilling his natural needs during a walk. He also begins to realize that this can be done not only at home, but here too, on loose bread.And in order for a dog to develop a conditioned reflex, a host walking with a dog on the street would have been nice to pronounce some one and the same command, which would later become a signal to defecate. For example: "Well done! Come on!" Hearing such a cry, your dog will certainly hurry to please you.

How to wean an adult dog shit

Sometimes it happens that a previously accustomed adult dog again starts shitting at home. This behavior of the dog, as a rule, is caused by various diseases - the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary-genital system. Or stress. It is necessary to deal with this. And first of all, of course, the dog should be treated. And now it will have to walk more often than usual - every hour or two. During this period, it is not superfluous to recall the tray again, especially if the owner works and cannot walk the dog as often as the situation requires.