How to warm the corner

Probably every person knows that in winter the temperature inside the house is very different from the temperature outside. As a result, somewhere inside the wall there is necessarily a place (“dew point”) where water vapor, which is necessarily present in the air, turns into liquid droplets. That is why for the insulation of the house you need to use quality materials. From them will depend on the preservation of heat in the house, as well as the durability of insulation.
If the wall of your house is built from a uniform material, for example, wood or brickwork, then the dew point will definitely fall inside this material. As a result, it will be under the constant influence of seasonal temperatures, which will cause the most rapid wear and tear. If this wall is insulated with special material, the house will be much warmer. The wall will keep the heat much longer.
If the insulating material is located inside the house, then the dew point in any case will be inside it. As a result, the main wall will constantly freeze.This adversely affects its service life. It should also be noted that the formation of water vapor will occur between the wall and the insulation.
If the house is insulated with thermal insulation material outside, then the dew point will also be in the insulation. However, the wall will always be at a positive temperature. It will not cause condensation to form. This type of insulation is more logical and practical. Warming the house outside is also good because it will not reduce the useful area inside the house. Wall thickness will be increased outward, not inward.
Of course, outside the layer of insulation must be protected from various external influences.