How to view history in Internet Explorer?

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How to view history in Internet Explorer?

Every modern browser keeps a log of the sites you have visited. This is especially convenient if you suddenly need to go back to the page that you already looked at the other day, but you do not remember its exact address. In this article we will talk about how to view the story in Internet Explorer (and if you are interested in how to get rid of it, read the article How to delete a story in the Explorer).

View history in IE9-11

To view the history in Explorer of any version from 9 to 11, click on the icon in the form of an asterisk in the upper right corner. The favorites panel will open. Go to the tab �Journal� in it - and you will see a list of visited sites, filtered by date. If desired, it can also be sorted by site, by attendance and by visit order.

To see which particular pages you�ve looked at on a particular site, click on it in the list. And to search for a specific site, select the option �Search by log� from the same drop-down menu, where you select the viewing method (by site, attendance or order of visit).

View history in IE7 / 8

To view the history in Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8, click the Favorites button with an asterisk in the left corner of the window and open the History tab. Then you can use the story in the same way as in IE9-11 - filter it and search for the necessary sites.

View history in IE6

In the old version of Internet Explorer, the button to view the history is even moved to the toolbar - this is the dial icon. Click on it to open the log panel. Sort history and search for it in the same way as in more modern versions of the browser.