How to upgrade the door?

The question of how to update interior doors, still remains relevant, despite the fact that now in stores there is a huge selection of interior doors. Some people, without hesitation, go to the store, order the necessary door parameters and install them at home either with the help of construction crews or themselves. In fact, this option is considered one of the easiest, since it does not require special mental effort or special creative thinking from the owner of interior doors.

But what do people who do not want to mess around in order to pull out old doors from openings, remove dirt and hire builders to install new doors? What do those people who just do not have enough money to buy new interior doors? In our article we will try to highlight the main ways of updating old doors with improvised means, and also give some tips on updating doors.

Ways to update interior doors

So, you are thinking about how to update the old interior door, but at the same time you do not want to completely change it to a new one due to the lack of money. There are the following ways to update interior doors:

  • Repainting conventional paints. This method is considered the most banal and simple due to the fact that people have been doing this for centuries when they wanted to bring something new into their home interior. Usually for painting use the following necessary items:
    • emery paper (sandpaper);
    • putty and primer;
    • roller and tassels;
    • enamel or acrylic paint.
  • As a rule, in modern stores the choice of acrylic paints and enamel is quite large, so you can without hesitation buy certain colors, or buy different ones for later mixing and creating new tones. Acrylic paints are excellent for painting interior doors because they are odorless and dry quickly. Painting the doors is necessary in the following sequence:
    • remove the doors from the hinges and place them in a horizontal position (some paint the doors in the usual position, but this can cause smudges);
    • remove with paint the old paint, as well as all roughness and unevenness;
    • putty all cracks and holes on the door, and then cover the door with a primer of the same color as the paint itself;
    • paint the door with a roller and brushes in the color you need (you will need brushes to paint the sidewalls of the door).
  • Covering stain and varnish. Some people, having processed a door by means of a skin to a natural tree, decide not to paint a door, but to varnish it. Such a solution for those who think how to update the door looks original and does not require large investments. You will need skin, stain, varnish and brushes, and the sequence of actions will look like this:
    • remove the door from the hinges and place in a horizontal position;
    • remove all old paint, roughness and unevenness with the aid of the pelt;
    • gently coat the door and allow it to dry;
    • cover the door on top with a tinted or colorless varnish so that it shines.
  • Pasting special films. If you are stranded at all, but the decision on how to update the old door does not leave you, use this method. The film is considered the easiest and budget way to upgrade doors with a flat surface. Naturally, the film will not look as natural as paint, but with its help you can give any pattern to your door.To update the door in this case, you only need film, scissors and a rag, which you will press on the adhesive film to avoid the formation of bubbles and irregularities. It is necessary to paste the doors in the following sequence:
    • remove the door from the hinges and place in a horizontal position (if you know how to perfectly stick the film in a vertical position, then you can not remove it);
    • remove the dimensions of the door and cut the desired sample with the expectation of the sidewalls;
    • glue the film, aligning it with a cloth, and then gently bend the sides.
  • Pasting photowallpaper. Due to the fact that currently there are many organizations that offer wallpaper for every taste and color, you can order exactly what you need. Such firms usually decide the question of how to update the door, first of all, by having in their collections photo wallpapers of a special size for interior doors. To work with this method, you will need the following necessary items:
    • wallpaper of the right size;
    • special glue and brush;
    • acrylic lacquer;
    • emery paper (sandpaper);
    • cloth for pasting.
  • The sequence of working with photo wallpapers will consist in the following actions:
    • remove the door from the hinges and place in a horizontal position;
    • remove all old paint, roughness and roughness with sandpaper;
    • apply an even layer of glue to the surface of the door and let it dry slightly;
    • put glue on the wallpaper and glue on the door, aligning a cloth from the center to the edge;
    • After the glue dries, cover the surface of the wallpaper with varnish for durability and beauty.
  • Covering with decorative materials. This method requires creative thinking, as it completely depends on your imagination. As the main elements of decoration you can use:
    • various natural materials (bamboo, veneer, leaves, fur);
    • various leather patches;
    • beads, wire, decorative carnations and varnish.

Decor options can be different, as they can be a strict symmetrical panel or be randomly scattered across the entire surface of the door. It looks very unusual, and the satisfaction of such work can be obtained much more than from simple painting.

Interior Door Tips

In addition to the main ways of updating the doors, I would like to focus on some practical tips that will be needed by anyone who decides to update their old doors:

  • All accessories at the time of updating the door must be removed, and if this is not possible, then tie it with scotch tape or a wide elastic band. Some when changing the door completely change the fittings, if there is an opportunity to choose it in size.
  • If the door is still under warranty service, then it should not be decorated before the expiration date, otherwise the seller has the full right to refuse work in case of repair.
  • New color and texture of the door must be combined with wallpaper and furniture, otherwise the update will be a waste of time, as the door will either be noticeable or be faded and nondescript.
  • If there are glasses in your door, you can refresh them either with ready-made stained-glass drawings, or with your own drawings painted on the glass with the help of special brushes and varnish.

If you decide how to upgrade your old door, you can see various options:.