How to treat tonsils?

It’s no secret for any parent that children often have tonsillitis. And angina, in turn, can lead to various complications. Let's take a look at this article on how to treat tonsils in children and in adults, whether to remove them, and why they are needed at all.

Tonsils or tonsils

  • Let's first clarify one thing. You should know that the tonsils and tonsils are one and the same. Also, do not be frightened when the doctor makes a terrible and unfamiliar diagnosis, tonsillitis is a common sore throat.
  • The tonsils are a very important organ of the immune system. They are located between the palatine arches, in the throat, at the root of the tongue. The tonsils are made up of lymphoid tissue.
  • In medicine, tonsil inflammation is called tonsillitis. This disease can be both acute and chronic. Acute tonsillitis is angina.
  • Another glands called defenders of the whole organism. They prevent the entry of harmful microorganisms into the human body and prevent them from multiplying. In the lymphoid tissue that makes up the tonsils, special antibodies are produced that serve to fight pathogenic microbes.It should be noted that in children the glands are the main component of the immune system. They protect babies from viruses, bacteria, infections.

Inflammation of the tonsils: treatment

There are several factors that indicate an inflammatory process in the throat:

  • The child begins to complain of discomfort or sore throat.
  • The baby refuses to eat, it is very painful or hard to swallow.
  • On examination, you can see traffic jams in the tonsils. The treatment should be carried out quickly and in no case delay. Enlarged glands with white bloom, usually accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature.
  • The child feels weakness, fatigue, lethargy, breathing rhythm is disturbed.
  • Considering the treatment of tonsils in children, it should be noted that inflammation can occur without accompanying angina. In this case, the child complains of discomfort in the throat, his body temperature, bad breath, lymph nodes are increased. The child must urgently show a doctor. After all, he may have chronic tonsillitis.

Most often, according to the theory, inflamed tonsils can be seen in children from three to ten years.But practice shows that the elderly can also be inflamed or enlarged tonsils. The treatment for each age category, of course, is different. In any case, in acute angina, a person should be prescribed bed rest and a multitude of medical procedures: abundant drinking, rinsing, antibacterial drugs, antihistamines, etc.

Previously, doctors prescribed penicillin-type antibiotics to a patient with angina, but due to the mutation of microorganisms, such therapy is no longer valid. Today, macrolide antibiotic treatment is practiced. For example, Sumamed, Macropen, Erythromycin, Azithromycin. The drug must be selected for each patient individually and should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Very well proven washing tonsils. Thus, the plaque is perfectly removed and the inflammatory process is removed. Together with purulent traffic jams, the putrid, unpleasant smell from the mouth also disappears. The course of treatment has about ten, painless, procedures.

Considering the treatment of tonsils, experts are eternal debates about whether to remove the tonsils.As it is known the tonsils are a very important organ and its removal is highly undesirable.

When the glands are removed, the body experiences enormous stress and is a great mystery how the body will react to such an intervention in the near future.

Treatment of tonsils folk remedies

Consider several effective folk methods used in the fight against this disease. They can be particularly useful in the treatment of children, because they use natural harmless ingredients. Nevertheless, they should be used after the advice of a doctor.

  • Pour boiling water over chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, violet, horsetail, pine buds and a string. Let stand for about two or three hours. Gargle with throat three times a day.
  • Put a pod of red pepper and honey on a compress paper. Bottom need to burn a wax candle and melt the honey. After the honey is melted, you should remove the pepper and take 2 times a day, 2 tbsp. l before meals.
  • Very well established, as a gargle for throat tincture of propolis. It perfectly removes all inflammation in the throat.
  • When tonsillitis can be used with Kalanchoe infusion.Rinse produce three times a day. The course of treatment lasts at least five days.
  • For rinsing can be used, diluted with water, lemon juice. Rinse need at least three times a day.

Now you know how to treat tonsils in children and adults. But it is necessary to remember that self-healing is very harmful for your health. Best of all, and safer for yourself, seek advice and help from a qualified specialist who will select an individual treatment that will help you.