How to treat thrush in men?

Thrush is a fungal disease of the genital organs in women, men, and sometimes children. The causative agents of this inflammatory disease are the fungi of the genus Candida, whence the medical name of thrush is candidiasis. Thrush in men appears much less frequently than in women, but still does not pass them by. Therefore, the stronger sex and is interested in how to treat thrush in men.

Thrush in men: symptoms, causes

The symptoms of thrush in women and men are different. If a man noticed a not white bloom on the head of the penis, cramps, pain during ejaculation or urination, red spots on the mucous head of the penis, on the foreskin, itching, he should immediately consult a doctor, even if there is only one symptom. The specialist will conduct an examination (smear) and prescribe the appropriate treatment. As a rule, these are ointments, pills, suppositories, creams or injections.

With regard to the causes of this fungal disease, in women, factors often are reduced immunity, pregnancy, intestinal dysbiosis, that is, not only sex. And in men, thrush symptoms most often appear after sex.Moreover, a man can become a carrier of thrush, transmit the disease to other women, while he has no signs of the disease.

In any case, when the first symptoms of this disease should not be treated thrush at home and resort to the "grandmother" methods. Do not start the course of the disease. Immediately contact a doctor!

Treatment for thrush in men

Thrush in men rarely entails serious consequences or complications. It is treated quite simply, the main thing is to consult a doctor in time. The doctor usually prescribes a clotrimazole-based ointment that is used to treat the affected area twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). The course of treatment is 7 days.

Despite the fact that it is very simple to treat thrush in men, in no case should the course of the disease be allowed to flow. This threatens to turn the disease into a chronic form. In this case it will be much more difficult to deal with thrush. After treatment, be sure to take independent measures to strengthen the immune system. Enter a complex of vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements into the course of treatment.

But without consulting a doctor, it is extremely difficult to say that your diagnosis of thrush, as these symptoms can occur in other serious diseases. In addition, other medications may be needed specifically for your treatment of thrush. And remember, that there was no possibility of re-infection with thrush, you need to undergo a course of treatment not only for the man, but also for his partner.

Why is it important to seek help from a specialist? The doctor can clearly determine the cause of the disease. What if it turns out that the work of the endocrine glands is impaired? Then you will be directed to an endocrinologist. Perhaps certain drugs that you use, provoke the development of thrush, the doctor will provide competent assistance and offer a replacement for them. In order not to waste time and energy on re-treatment of thrush, so that it does not appear again and again, listen to the doctor's advice on how to treat thrush in men.