How to treat pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis! This disease is familiar to everyone. Most likely, you yourself got sick of them or some of your relatives or friends. The disease is different for everyone in different ways, as there are variations of it. What causes disease and how to treat pharyngitis? Let's deal with these questions together!

Causes and symptoms of the disease

The causes may be different: inhalation of cold and dirty air, chemical irritants, including tobacco and alcohol. If it is an infectious pharyngitis, microorganisms or flu viruses more often provoke the disease. Less common bacterial pharyngitis. But whatever the cause, it is important to learn how to treat pharyngitis.

First, let's look at the symptoms, which clearly indicates pharyngitis. Do you feel a sharp pain or sore throat, tortured a dry cough, fever and lymph nodes increased? Looking at the pharynx in the mirror, did you see its redness, and the mucous membrane seems loose? It may be pharyngitis.

Pharyngitis in a child

And if the pharyngitis is sick child? What was the cause? Wonderful ice cream, delicious cold compote or juice can be the cause of local hypothermia.Modern products can also affect the irritation of the mucous membranes of the pharynx: chips, cakes, lemonade, chewing gum, condensed milk, yoghurt, if there are more food additives in them than the permissible rate. No wonder that parents often have a question about how to treat pharyngitis in children.

Do not treat yourself, consult a doctor. He will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, and you will only need to stick to it. Provide your child with a balanced diet and frequent warm drinks. Gargling with different kinds of herbs, as well as UFO and UHF procedures, helps very well.

Chronic pharyngitis

This type of pharyngitis develops as a consequence of an acute or chronic upper respiratory tract infection. Also, the cause can be alcohol, soot, dust, chemicals that irritate the pharyngeal mucosa with a long-term effect on it. To understand how to treat chronic pharyngitis, let's look at some of the nuances of this disease.

It happens that the patient has only a sore throat and there is a constant cough, and other symptoms are mild. Do not hesitate, only the doctor will give you the correct diagnosis and write out the treatment.

Be sure to gargle daily, use aerosols, inhalation. Most likely, you will have to be treated with antibiotics to stop the disease and protect the body from irritants.

Pharyngitis treatment

We considered the causes and symptoms of pharyngitis. We dealt with some types of pharyngitis a little and saw how to help the child to cure the disease of the throat. And now it's time to talk about how to treat pharyngitis in adults.

There are no special differences in the treatment of adults. Treatment of pharyngitis depends on the causes of the disease. But whatever the cause of pharynx irritation, eliminate from the diet of cold or hot food, as well as salty and spicy. Drink plenty of water - up to 2 liters per day. During treatment, discard cigarettes, otherwise recovery will not come, as tobacco smoke is an additional irritant to the pharyngeal mucosa.

Do everything according to the doctor's instructions and be healthy!