How to train a dog?

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How to train a dog?

Training a pet is always a long and difficult task. The owner of the dog will have to make a lot of time and effort to independently teach the pet commands. If you leave the case halfway or be lazy every day on the program to repeat the same action, then you will not succeed.

It would be easier, of course, to hire a professional, but if you feel sorry for the money or want to do it yourself, then it is important to understand what actions need to be taken in order for the training to be successful. This will be discussed below.

How to train a dog

The methods of training an adult dog and a puppy from 1 to 3 months are very different. Therefore, we must consider training for a puppy and an adult dog separately.

How to train a puppy

A puppy at such an early age is not taught to all teams, but only to the most necessary. Puppies usually spend most of their time on games, action, and so on. At this age, it is difficult to teach something very difficult. But you can teach a simple list of commands:

  1. Team "Fu!".You can read about it in detail in our article How to train a puppy? | We teach dog team "Fu!".
  2. Call of the pet nicknamed. Usually, the pet itself remembers its nickname and responds, but you can speed up this process by enticing the pet with a treat.
  3. "To me". This team is best taught as early as possible, so that later it is easier.To train a dog
  4. The team "Aport" learns from an early age puppy. However, to learn it correctly, he can not. But in the future, knowledge of the team will help in learning.
  5. “Place” is an obligatory command if the puppy often sleeps in different places in the room. You can close it in the room where his place is, then he will learn the command better.
  6. The command “Dai” is very easy to train.
  7. The team "Near" is trained with the help of a leash, when the pet goes next to you. It is enough to say the command and pull the leash a bit so that the reflex is absorbed better.

Teaching a puppy should be every day, but with the emphasis on the fact that this is a kind of game, not a mandatory action. Sometimes it is enough to give a command and thank for the delicacy and praise. If you can’t train a puppy to execute a command from the first time, then you shouldn’t worry.Over time, the puppy will perform the command faster and the first time, when it becomes more adult. At an early age, the puppy sees any action as a game, and training should take place as a game.

After 3 months the dog can be trained as an adult.

How to train an adult dog

Very often, the owners of dogs make big mistakes in the self-training of dogs. From this all other problems of disobedience of the dog follow. After 3To train a dogmonths of life the dog becomes an adult and you can begin to train it more thoroughly. A couple of important points will be added to the list of commands:

  • The team "Exposure" - a very important point in the training. Without this command, to train a dog is an empty occupation. The essence of this team comes down to the fact that the dog is in any position for an arbitrarily long time, and even when you move a long distance away from it. The principle of training is simple - gradually increase the time the pet stays in a prone position, standing or sitting and praise for it. Start with 10 seconds and increase the time. Repeat the need every day.To train a dog
  • Commands “Sit, lie down, stand” are always the main attribute of training.
  • You can forget the Fas command until you teach the dog to listen to you the first time and correctly. Excerpt in this case well helps.

These commands and from the section about puppies the dog should know for sure. More information about training can be found in our article Training and Education.

But this is not a complete list of tips. How to train a dog, where and when, read below.

Where and when to train a dog

  • You can train at home, but you have to submit only very simple commands like “Fu!”, “Place” and so on. The main area of ​​training should be the street. It is important to choose a place where no one will be. Nothing should stop a dog from concentrating on commands. Then, irritating factors can be gradually introduced.To train a dog
  • Teaching a dog every day is not necessary. 2-3 times a week is enough for 30 minutes, and then for an hour and a half. The first three classes will be simple. On them, teach the dog simple commands and reward with delicacies. Do not forget to work out "Exposure"!
  • The fourth lesson should be aimed at improving the already learned teams.The main thing is to bring the obedience of the dog to close to perfect. All subsequent classes should be directed to the training of all other teams and their improvement.
  • On how to train a dog, it is better to watch the video, where the whole process is considered step by step.
  • Team "Fas" - the most difficult team for an experienced trainer. It should never be approached without the perfect "Exposure", but it is better to entrust a professional.

In what sequence to give commands

Teams can interfere as you like, but in the first lesson it will be more effective to start withTo train a dogcommands, “close, sit, stand, lie”, and then return to the “close” command. 10 minutes after that, you can begin to improve the "Exposure", and after the more complex commands. Each team is better to work out 5-10 minutes. Each training must interfere with all the teams in some places so that the training is more effective.

Before training should walk the dog so that it is not distracted. You need to give the command no more than 2 times, otherwise the dog will be worse to obey next time. Also give the dog a rest and always train the pet alone.