How to tie to the main line?

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How to tie to the main line?

There are several different ways to tie a leash to the main line. Such methods may seem very complicated to a beginner fisherman. Consider how you can tie a leash to a fishing line quickly and easily.

How to tie a leash to the fishing line: ways

At the moment there are more than 13 ways of tying the fishing line to the leash. Which one is the easiest to learn?

Most ways of tying a fishing line to a leash come down to creating a loop. The method that we will consider also begins with the fact that you need to fold the line so that a loop is formed, but there is no knot.

  1. You should have some sort of lasso.
  2. Throw it on the fishing line.
  3. Next, wrap a piece of fishing line around the resulting lasso five to seven times.
  4. Pull on the long end of the line and reduce the loop.
  5. Thread the leash into the resulting small loop. Tighten the loop to the end, adjust the length of the leash, cut off unnecessary ends.Do not forget to wet the knot that will hold the leash.

This knot is suitable for thin fishing line. Now consider how to tie a leash to a thicker fishing line. Thick fishing line is stronger, but harder to handle. However, it can be used to make a very reliable node.

  1. First you need to fold the loop and wrap the line around this loop 3 times.
  2. Then you need to tighten the loop until it becomes like a figure eight.
  3. As soon as you see that you have a figure of eight, take a thin line that will serve as a leash and pass through eight loops. Tie a thin line with a clinch knot. To do this, you need to hold the knot-eight with one finger, wrap a thin fishing line around your finger and start twisting both its ends. The movements are similar to those with which you unscrew the corkscrew.
  4. Need to do about 6 turns. Next, thread the end of the thin line into the loop, which was formed in place of the finger, and tighten the clinch knot. Thus, you get a leash of thin fishing line, attached to the thick. Experienced anglers consider this site the best and most reliable.

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Tie a leash without a knot

There is also a so-called knotless way of attaching to a fishing line.It is carried out using a special connector, but it is worth noting that this method is more suitable for braided woods.

  1. In order to tie the leash to the fishing line in this way, you need to thread the leash in the eyelet of the connector. The connector for this has a special tendril, like a hook.
  2. The second barb of the connector is needed in order to make the line twisted around the first antenna. You should not completely wrap the line around the first mustache, it is better to leave a couple of centimeters in order to make the mount more reliable.

Experienced anglers also recommend using special carbines and swivels. With their help, it is possible to tie a leash to a fishing line in a more convenient way. Also, with the help of swivels, you can tie a leash to the fishing line in the same knotless way.

Consider the case of tying a lead to a fishing line using a carbine.

  1. Thread the end of the line into the carabiner ring.
  2. Wind the end of the fishing line around its main part.
  3. Then, in the resulting loop, thread the end of the fishing line, tighten until the formation of a figure eight.

Then moisten and tighten to the end. Wetting is needed so that the fishing line is not deformed. Cut off the excess tip of the fishing line.

As you can see, this method is identical to many others. And you can use both thick and thin fishing line.