What to do to study in the US?

Foreign education today is highly valued: a person who has a foreign diploma in a good specialty has a better chance of obtaining a prestigious job. In addition, if you wish, you can stay in another country and continue your professional path there.

In terms of training for many Russian students, the USA is especially popular - this state has more than 3,500 excellent universities and colleges that train professionals in various fields. In terms of the level of education in America, college and university are not different from each other - you can get a doctor's degree both there and there, the difference is only in size: the university is much larger than a college. If you wish to study in this country, we will tell you a little about how to study in the United States.

Where to go?

All colleges in America can be divided into two large groups: institutions with a two-year (junior college) and four-year education. In two-year terms, local authorities pay part of the school expenses for students who live at home with their parents.For students from another state or state, tuition is more expensive. Foreign students must pass TOEFL. After graduating from such a college, a person immediately proceeds to the third year of a four-year college, after which he receives a bachelor's degree and a high school diploma.

There is also a division into small and medium colleges. If the school has less than 1.5 thousand people, then the college is small, if from 1.5 to 5 thousand, then the average. It is precisely small and medium-sized institutions that actively contribute to the training of foreign students: there is financial support and special programs for adaptation to American life.

There are also colleges that are educated by gender or religion. Training usually begins in August, the form of training - day or evening.

To make the best choice, study several educational institutions, conditions of admission, find out if there is support from foreign students and how it is carried out, what are the requirements for applicants. Select the appropriate and send documents in several places.

Admission to college: instruction

  1. It is necessary to prepare for admission in 12-18 months - this is the ideal time for the preparation of documents.Expect that the training will begin in August.
  2. Ask selected educational institutions to send you a booklet for applicants who will tell you the necessary information about the college. In the kit you will receive a questionnaire - a very important document that you need to fill out correctly. Do not specify in it the superfluous information, answer in essence with short but complete phrases. Some items may require a response in the form of a short detailed essay - be prepared to give appropriate answers. If the volume is no more than one page, then there is no need to write more - your answer is simply not read. This questionnaire will judge your knowledge of the English language, the ability to express thoughts and your personal qualities qualitatively and competently.
  3. At the same time, while filling in the questionnaire, you need to register for the TOEFL or SAT tests - depending on which test your college requires. If you are planning to enter a university, you will need to provide the TOEFL results, also be prepared for other entrance exams that may be in a university for foreign applicants.
  4. By October-November, you need to prepare a translated copy of the certificate, certified by a notary, and a medical certificate. Ask the school principal to write a letter of recommendation.If you have documents about another education, additional courses, then they should also be translated and prepared. If you want to get financial support, write about it in the fall. After preparation, send the documents to the school. Between January and April, you need to find out if they have reached the deadline. In case of successful completion, you will receive an invitation to study, and if there are several of them, you will need to choose the most suitable for you.
  5. In the summer, contact the “advisor” - assistant or international advisor. He is in every college and is responsible for working with foreign students. A counselor will tell you what needs to be done next, and if all goes well, in August you will begin training.