How to strengthen love

Spontaneous gifts. To make love feelings brighter, remember what causes your second half the greatest joy, what gives you pleasure, what makes your partner's life more interesting. Try to deliver these little joys to the man. For example, the wife loves gifts. Then present her with something that will really please her just like that, for no reason.
Spend time together. If there are children in the family, the spouses have to spend less time with each other. The daily cycle of affairs and worries is very demanding, creates the impression of monotony, routine. At least sometimes spend a holiday together with your spouse, leaving the children for a couple of weeks under the supervision of relatives. This will have a beneficial effect on your relationship.
Talk heart to heart. Frankness, intimate conversations reinforce the feeling of affection for each other. Try to devote at least a little time a day to private communication with your partner. Feel free to show your real feelings, talk about what excites you, listen and try to understand each other.
Make a variety of intimate intimacy. Do not hush up something that does not suit you very much in sexual life, on the contrary, talk on such topics. Do it as correctly as possible, discuss problems that have arisen together, suggest solutions. Sometimes it would be nice for women to take initiative in sex, it may bring a note of novelty to the intimate life.
More often praise, approve of each other's actions. Every day we have to exchange pleasant words with strangers, and how often do you praise your family? Husband, wife? It seems that they already know that they are loved. But will it be superfluous if the husband notices how well the spouse looks today; and the wife will tell her husband that he is very purposeful with her, the smartest - he achieved a promotion. It is quite simple, but very effective.
Be fit. Try to play sports, keep yourself in good physical shape. This is not only beneficial to health, but also allows you to maintain physical attractiveness.