How to store worms?

Galina Atakhanova
Galina Atakhanova
July 22, 2014
How to store worms?

The shelf life of worms on fishing depends on their proper content. As practice shows, in no case can one keep a worm in tin cans, which is most often done by novice anglers. In such a container, the worms quickly heat up, coil, become immobile, and soon die. Therefore, they must be kept in a canvas bag or wooden box along with the ground of the site where they are excavated.

How to store earthworms when fishing

On summer fishing, this bait should be kept away from the sun, in a cool place. If you have to go fishing for days, then it is advisable to bury a bag or box with the main supply of worms in wet coastal sand or wet ground, preferably in a shaded place. In such a "cellar" this bait can be stored for several days. And for morning or evening fishing, you can take the required number of worms from the "cache". Similarly, you can significantly extend the shelf life and bloodworms.

At winter fishing worms must be protected from frost.In the cold, they quickly lose their vitality, become inactive. Therefore, it is better to keep the box of worms in the pockets of warm winter trousers or to hide it in the bosom of a jacket or sheepskin coat.

How to store worms for fishing in the winter

To save the worms throughout the winter, you need to get a wooden tub or a box with a capacity of about two buckets. One third of this container is filled with dry, fallen leaves. These leaves need to fall asleep soft, loose earth from the area where the worms are taken from. The important point - make sure that along the sides and inner walls there remains a thin layer of leaves.

After all the manipulations in the “home”, you can run the worms (in the amount of about two glasses). Do not worry, after a while a huge amount of them will be divorced in your nursery. Stock up on worms of the same species, dung or rain, as different species do not tolerate each other.

A stocked box of worms, covered with a damp cloth, should be kept in a cool dark place: in the garage, basement, cellar. Ensure that the temperature around the container does not fall below zero degrees. A fisherman citizen who does not have a cellar or a shed, you can store worms in an ordinary enamelled bucket.

For worms you need to periodically look, and most importantly, do not forget to feed them. From the food they like unsalted leftovers from the table, grated raw potatoes, sour milk. Also, they are suitable swollen brewing, left over after drinking tea. It must first be washed under water to wash off the bitter taste. Food is poured over the ground and covered with a rag or a piece of thick cardboard. So that the earth does not dry out, periodically evenly over the entire surface water it with a small amount of water. About one glass of water for two or three days is enough for your bait to successfully winter and even increase its population.