How to stop being offended by the whole world

Trolls and Queen

On the Web, we find a lot of disgruntled comments from strangers. And your content may even be neutral - the trolls will leave their tracks there.

I posted my girlfriend for sale a few good, almost new things, and in response received such a comment: "I'm tired with my junk, nobody needs it." And she was offended, filled with tears and asked: "How so? Why junk? I paid a lot of money for them. ”

We have already written about manipulators, the purpose of which is to cause you to have such emotions, so that they themselves become fun. So, make them bored with you. Do not react. No Or ban. You are the queen of your account, and it makes no sense to explain to each troll-heyter that he is wrong. He already knows.
The statement of their feelings and clarification

Among your loved ones, friends or colleagues may be people who were brought up in the wrong environment. For example, in their families it could be considered the norm to constantly pinch one another, swear, praise little and criticize a lot.And it is likely that your insults arise precisely on such people. In this case, the following method is a good method:

Husband to wife: “How much powder should be poured into the dishwasher?”

The wife is silent, can not hear.

The husband is loud and annoying: “Am I talking to anyone? Deaf or something? How much powder?

Wife: “You are insulting me now, and it is unpleasant for me. You probably wanted to ask: "Why are you silent?"

Husband: "Yes."

Wife: "I like this kind of communication more."