How to spoil life?

Bad advice is a good thing if you use it wisely. In this case, it is desirable to go by contradiction. After all, it will be about how to ruin the lives of themselves and others. We offer a variety of ways.

How to ruin your life

If your goal is to spoil your own life, then, first of all, you need to learn not to trust yourself.

  1. Question any undertaking. Accept the fact that you can not achieve anything and start to hate yourself for it. Soon, you really will not be able to do beautiful things and take off career, and your hatred will constantly grow.
  2. Having made the slightest mistake, begin to brutally reproach yourself, and see any achievement as an accident.
  3. Forget about your favorite hobbies and admit that you do not have talents and do not deserve happiness. After this, even good potential and talent will quickly fade, and all your dreams will fall apart.
  4. Throw yourself. Do not exercise and forget about proper nutrition. Instead, you can stifle the bitterness of defeat by alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.Your appearance should be repulsive, and the apartment - dirty.
  5. Do not make new acquaintances. If you have friends and family, they should disappear from your life. To this happened in the shortest possible time, you can use the tips on how to ruin the lives of others.

How to ruin the life of a loved one

Losing a loved one is easier than holding. For starters, you can simply "cut" your soul mate with or without.

  1. Do not miss the opportunity to point out its shortcomings, try to prick more painfully, scold for failures.
  2. Criticize his family and laugh at his ideals.
  3. Neglect the whole intimate life.
  4. Tell the boss of your beloved how he criticizes him and how his work tires him.
  5. Arrange scenes of jealousy, even if there is no reason for it. At the same time, twist novels in front of a loved one. Start an affair with his best friend so that the friendship will end.

How to ruin the life of the former

Even after you break up, you can spoil his life. You can spoil the life of the former, preventing him from starting a new relationship.

  1. You have a whole arsenal of information about his weaknesses, habits, complexes.Use it to spread rumors.
  2. Slap your ex in conversation with his new girlfriend. Do not miss the opportunity to lie. You can also threaten and intimidate. The main thing is to make others understand that you are negative and are not going to leave his life. Behave aggressively and inconsistently.
  3. Tire your ex with constant calls with complaints.
  4. Put your intimate photos on the Internet, where he would look ridiculous and ridiculous. Such photos can be prepared in advance, even before the break.

How to ruin the lives of relatives

In order for the family to turn away from you, you need to ruin the lives of relatives. For this it is desirable to quarrel.

  1. Let old insults, little secrets and forgotten facts from the past come up.
  2. Try to interfere in the life of married couples, point out to each other's shortcomings.
  3. Try to spoil every family holiday. Make fun of family traditions.
  4. If you have the opportunity to conflict with finance, do not miss this chance. An inheritance or the sale of real estate can be an excellent occasion.

Demand money from households, even if you are not entitled to it.Never help your relatives financially or morally.

How to ruin the lives of neighbors

In order for the neighbors to never become your friends, you need to spoil their lives.

  1. To do this, we need to litter in the doorway and brawl, arrange night parties with loud music, throw garbage under the door and set fire to the bell button.
  2. Try to do everything so that they call the police as often as possible because of you.
  3. Think up and dissolve dirty rumors about your neighbors among the residents of the house.
  4. To top it off, poison their beloved pet.

Having ruined your life for yourself and everyone around you, you can forget about happiness and find yourself at the very bottom of life. The way back, unfortunately, may be impossible.